How to Create a Successful Live Tweeting Marketing Strategy
Live tweeting is a great way to draw in new followers and engage the ones you already have. There’s more to it than just witty comments, though.A good hashtags to follow to get a feel for live tweeting is #DiGiorNOYOUDIDNT. The folks over at Salesforce have been gracious enough to share a handy infographic that details how to create a successful live tweeting marketing strategy. Click To Enlarge

How to Create a Successful Live Tweeting Marketing Strategy

making videos online
Pixabay You’ve been uploading new videos and keeping a close eye on the view counter. You keep refreshing the pages, but the view counter for your videos just aren’t going up. The only person who seems to be increasing the view count is you, and that’s only because you keep refreshing the page to check the view count. Ha! This is a disastrously common scenario for many vloggers out there. The fact is, vlogs are a dime a dozen – or maybe even a dime a hundred these days – and, while it remains an exciting medium, you really need […]

Don’t Make Your Vlog a Slog: Why You’re Not Getting Views

how to start a vlog
A vlog essentially means a virtual log, and is fast becoming a new way of blogging. (Okay, it’s not that new, but it’s becoming mainstream.) You essentially record yourself and post it onto the internet, which people watch. There are dozens of virtual logs out there, and essentially comes in the form of something sat facing the camera and talking about things that are pertinent to them. If you fancied starting one, then good for you! There are certain things you need to make it a success. These tips can help you get started. You may have already thought about […]

Fancy Starting a Vlog?   Recently updated !

marketing online
If you run a business, your aim will always be to make money. Even if you’ve turned a passion into a career or you’re doing something you love on a daily basis, when it boils down to it, the success of your company will depend on the numbers on your balance sheets. In order to turn over a profit, you’ll need to promote your business. Whether you’re trying to generate an income from a blog or you’re preparing to take the world of business by storm with a new venture, there are lots of ways you can make people aware […]

From Branding To Blogging: The Best Ways To Promote Your Business

how to work at home
Image Freelancers often have a bad reputation when it comes to professionalism – through no fault of their own. And, while I don’t believe it to be true, it’s something you have to fight against constantly. Whether you are pitching for a slot on an online magazine or trying to attract the attention of a local marketing agency, you’re up against a lot of resistance. There are, however, some simple solutions to the reputation problems you might have as a self-employed writer, designer or creator of any description. I’m going to go through a few of the major issues with […]

Perfect Your Professionalism as a Freelancer   Recently updated !

writing a blog
We have all had the scenario where we’ve hit the snooze button one too many times on a Monday morning. The thought of having to head out to work again can take its toll. We all have bills to pay, though. So it is easy to see why more and more people are choosing to start their own businesses or start working freelance. When your time is your own, and you only have to answer to yourself, it can make ‘heading out’ to work much more bearable. image But doesn’t it take a lot of money to get your own business […]

The Real Truth About the Cost of Starting a Blog   Recently updated !

Hey, I’m glad you’re reading this! After almost 20 years of creating content for businesses big and small, I’ve learned tips and tricks to grabbing a reader’s attention. In social media, grabbing attention is essential to getting followers, likes, clicks and conversions. It means everything, especially if you are a small business. So, I am going to share some of the quickest and easiest ways to peak readers’ interest with you. Best of all? These are proven techniques that get results. I hope you find the following information useful. Have questions?  Send me a tweet. I’m @alinabradford over there. Anywho, enjoy this […]

The Ultimate Social Media Toolkit: Templates, Cheats and Tips that Will Get Your Brand Noticed   Recently updated !

Your style of writing is important. It is what will make people follow your blogs and search for your guest posts. When you’re deciding what your brand’s voice will be, there is one thing you need to be clear on: Are you a Sex and the City writer or a Dragnet writer? Confused? Let me explain. The Sex and the City Writer Lovers of the iconic HBO series Sex and the City swooned at the thought of being Carrie, the main character. Carrie Bradshaw would sit at her laptop in her fantastic rent-controlled New York apartment, sip coffee or Cosmopolitans […]

Are You a Sex and the City Writer or a Dragnet Blogger?   Recently updated !

how to write a good blog post 14 comments
Here is your step-by-step guide to writing blog posts faster and better than ever before. I’ve been in the game of content marketing for, well, a bunch of years. One thing that I’ve learned well is how to write a blog post and write it quickly. Hey, when you’re getting paid by the post, you learn how to be fast! So, I thought I’d share with my readers my tips for going from an idea to a published post in less than 60 minutes. Got those timers ready? Get ready. Get set. Go! Figure Out Your Topic Don’t know what to […]

Easy Steps to Writing a Blog Post in Just Minutes   Recently updated !

coping with anxiety
Living with anxiety is tough. Sure, we all get anxious from time to time, but some people suffer from panic and feelings of stress and worry on a much more frequent and intense scale. I have suffered with anxiety my entire career as a freelance writer. It’s caused me to turn down jobs, avoid meetings and more. If you are struggling with anxiety and it is getting in the way of your freelancing business, there are ways you can manage it and live a healthy and happy life. Whether you have an anxiety issue or think you might, or are […]

Fight the Fear: Read This Guide to Eliminate Anxiety

broken twitter
Sometimes I take look at people’s tweets and I just shake my head. Then, I want to take out my red marker an edit that sucker. With just a few simple changes you can take your tweets from oh-my-gosh-bad to attention grabbing superstars. To teach you how, I am going to show you some tweets that went wrong. Then I’m going to give you a taste of proper tweeting tactics. Don’t worry all of the names have been censored to protect the guilty tweet offenders. Let’s get started. Proper Hashtag Usage Some people just love to go crazy with the […]

How to Fix Your Broken Tweets

I make around $7,000 or more a month. I work at home and I make my own hours. Not bad, eh? A lot of freelance writers I know don’t think this is possible. They grab $3 articles from auction sites like oDesk and Upwork, then work their fingers to the bone to bang out enough of these little stinkers to keep their power on. Now, I admit, I’m lazy. Belting out article after article, eight hours per day, seven days a week just seems like too much work. I like to work smarter, not harder, so I end up writing […]

How to Make $7,000 Per Month, Be Lazy and Never Leave Home

how to become a freelance writer
Wikimedia Image As a writer, how many times have you fallen into a spiral of despair at a mistake in a social media update? Grammar mistakes are rife online. One thing’s for sure; it never takes long for someone to spot the error and ridicule the culprit. So few people know the difference between their, there and they’re! Aggg! Many of us are under the belief that the internet has done terrible things for the English language. It’s never been possible for so many people to publish unchecked work before. And, even us writers sometimes fall under the spell of not proofreading […]

Don’t Get Caught In The Web: Use It To Climb Higher!

work at home office 48 comments
So you want your site to rise in pagerank. You want visitors to truly love your articles and blogs posts. You want them to share everything you post. You want to build a following that boosts your business. Well, don’t just sit there. Let’s get started! Day 1 Today is all about building the foundation. Start by brain dumping every post idea you can think of into a notebook. There are no stupid ideas, but make sure you stay on topic. If your site is about bathroom products don’t write down post ideas that revolve around gardening, for example. Need […]

Take My 30 Day Content Challenge

Credit Blogging, despite what some people might tell you, is actually a relatively challenging business to get into. This is particularly the case if you want to make money from it, or build some kind of a reputation. However, the whole process can be made significantly easier simply by focusing on a few main ideas. As long as you bear the following in mind, you will find your blog reaching new levels of success. Let’s have a look and see what those might be. Frequent Updates Arguably, the most important quality of a successful blog is that it is updated as frequently as […]

Success In Blogging Is Tough, but Attainable

work at home office
Image Source Are you thinking about starting to work from home? If that’s the case, you do need to set up the right environment. It’s important that you have a place where you can be productive throughout the day. Otherwise, you are going to find it difficult to make a profit, no matter what job you’re completing or what business you’re running. There are various things you’ll need in your home office if you want it to be the perfect place for working from home. Adjustable Desk My first recommendation is that you invest in an adjustable desk. With an adjustable […]

Design The Ultimate Office In Your Home

freelance writer office
You may remember my office makeover from quite awhile back. Since then, things have gotten worn and I just needed a change. I found a couple rolls of really pretty wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby and thought, “Why not?” First, I cut pieces that would cover my two desks. The tops were worn and stained and I didn’t feel like painting them. I sprayed the desks down with spray adhesive and smoothed the wrapping paper down. You’re probably thinking, “But that won’t be durable!” I’ve found that if you do this with a thick paper with a glossy finish, spills wipe […]

Make a Quick Change to Your Home Office with Wrapping Paper

The marketing industry is currently booming and with the evolution of social media, it’s never been a better time to get involved with digital marketing. Business is a competition and for a small businesses getting their foot on the ladder, your voice needs to be heard for your company to be a success. People are blogging, using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to reach their customers and even now vlogging  (video blogging) to get their messages across. Apps are being developed at a rapid rate and all successful businesses should be utilising every free avenue they can get! With almost everyone […]

Go Pro with Marketing

Starting a business? Here are some tips for getting your computer system up and running. No matter the size, shape or style of your business – whether you are working from home or running a company – you’re going to getting to know the ins and outs of computing a fair bit. Your computer is about to be your new best friend in business. But it can be hard to know your pivot tables from your Facebook and Twitter. There’s a lot going on with apps, software, hardware and of course, the ever evolving presence of the internet and all […]

The Guide To Everything ‘Computer’ In Business!

be funky photo editing 75 comments
I know a lot of you want design your own visuals for your website or social media. If you listen to many website gurus, you may think you need Photoshop to create fantastic images for your content site. Not true! There’s no reason to spend almost $700 on software that will take you months to learn when there are free photo editing tools online that take no skills what so ever. You don’t need to hire a designer to create memes, website images and infographics to make your content go viral, either. Here is everything you need in one list. Free Photo […]

10 Free Design Tools to Create Amazing Website Visuals Your Visitors Will Love

how to remove a stripped screw
Taking photos is a major part of writing my DIY and how-to articles for clients. I decided to share some of my favorites. In just 24 hours this article on removing stripped screws has gotten 1.7 thousand likes and 750 shares! People really have problems with stripped screws! Yes, I took that photo. I’m quite proud of it. I’ve been a gamer since Atari, so I love this photo I took for the article How to keep your video game accessories organized. The light in the photo is just stunning, if I do say so myself. People loved my article on […]

Some DIY and How-to Photos I’m Proud of

should you send a christmas card to business 30 comments
I’ve always said, if you want to get ahead in business, you need to get your name out in front of people as often as possible. Christmas cards are a great way to do that. They make the people you send them to feel nice instead of pressured or harassed like cold emails do. Should you send that holiday card? Here is a infographic sent to me by Grammarly to share with you that can help:

Should You Send Them a Holiday Card?

How to deal with online trolls 31 comments
How to deal with online trolls without losing your cool. They say that you know you’ve hit the big time when you have haters. No matter how good you are or how eloquent you are, you’re going to have some hateful comments on your website or social media content. It happens. Some people have nothing better to do than to be negative. For example, I wrote an article for CNET about unusual things you can wash in the dishwasher. People got irate, to say the least. I was dumbfounded. It was an article about washing objects like kids toys in […]

What to Do When You Have Haters

using gifs in blog posts 18 comments
Search engines love when you use more than just text in your website content. Plus, media makes your content much more appealing to visitors, which is even more important. You don’t want people to come to your posts, see nothing but boring text and click away! Think creating multimedia content takes too much time? Don’t worry. There are plenty of websites out there that help you make your own GIFs, maps, charts, memes and more for free, in just a few minutes. There are also plenty of sites that let you use their multimedia content on your site. Here are 15 of […]

15 Free Ways to Get Multimedia Content for Blog Posts and Articles

When you write for several different outlets, coming up with a continuous flow of article ideas can be a challenge. When I get stumped, I break out a piece of paper and draw a mind map. Mind maps are a form of brainstorming where you use colors and shapes to stimulate the brain. Here’s how I create article ideas with mind maps: I start by drawing a shape of the thing I want to write about (or just a circle). Right now I need to come up with some art article ideas, so I drew an artist’s palette. I write the […]

Using Mind Maps for Article Ideas

mtv tech writer 26 comments
During the past couple of weeks I have had an enjoyable time working with my new client, MTV. I write articles for them that focuses on tech from and for women. I can be a tech writer for you, too. Here are some clips from my first articles: 11 Reasons Polaroid Is Making a Comeback When we heard that Polaroid is coming out with a digital camera that prints photos, we have to admit, we got a little giddy. Any kid born in the ’80s or ’90s kinda has a soft spot for Polaroid, and is awaiting its domination of photography […]

New Client Shoutout: I’m a Tech Writer for MTV