Writers Should Avoid Ozio Media

Ozio Media is a company that hires writers, as freelancers, to complete copywriting projects for their clients. The projects are usually pretty easy and the pay is around $3 per 100 words. It’s a fair side job. That is, if they pay.
Ozio is known for not paying their writers. Currently, they owe me over $500. Ann, who runs the payment section of the company, doesn’t reply to emails unless she feels like it (almost never) and then doesn’t pay you even after many promises.

Here are some others that have had problems with Ozio Media:

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I used to do a search on companies before I did any work for them. I didn’t with this one and now I’m paying the price. Always do a search, my writer friends! Since they didn’t pay me for my work, I will be selling the articles and ebooks I wrote to bloggers that need content. Ah, well.

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