When You Screw Up on a Freelance Job

It’s inevitable. Eventually you will screw up on a freelance job. You’ll forget to spell check an article that you had to write last minute. You’ll mess up the links your client needed embedded in a review. You miss a grammatical error on the second page. Sh*t happens.
What you do afterward is the important part. Here’s the steps you should follow when this happens:
Suck it up. Yah, you screwed up. Don’t pout.
Fix the mistake ASAP.
Apologize for your mistake.
Don’t promise it won’t ever happen again. Hey, you’re human.
Make a checklist of things to double-check before you send a final draft so that you’ll be better prepared to avoid mistakes next time.
Forgive yourself.
De-stress by taking a walk or calling your hubby, best friend or mom.


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