What is a Writer’s Platform?

With the competitiveness of web writing, a writer needs to really stick out from the pack. This is where a platform comes in handy. What is a platform? Well, it’s your branding, your signature style, your niche. When people say, “Gee, I need a XYZ writer,” the XYZ is the writer’s platform. It’s their specialty.
This is created by selling yourself with a certain label. This is going from writing about everything to something very specific.
Wait, doesn’t limiting yourself give you less job opportunities? Well, yes, but you also make more money. For example, I used to sell myself as a writer that could write anything. As I started to slowly focus on more specialized niches and I made more money. I went from making $5-$10 an hour to $30-$150 per hour with my writing.
Since I hate reading articles that tells you what something is without giving you the steps to make it your own, here’s how you start your brand:
Decide what your niche will be. Make sure it’s something you love to write about. Trust me, there’s someone willing to pay for your enthusiasm.
Join forums and groups that cater to that type of niche. This keeps you informed on latest trends and helps you network.
Put in your forum and email signatures that you are an XYZ writer.
Make your personal website reflect the change in your specialization.
Edit your resume to reflect your specialty
Look for work that needs your specific niche by googling niche-specific keywords.

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