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Well, I like to feature the great places to get freelance writing work and the ones that you should stay far, far away from. In this case, it is the latter. Writers Domain is another content farm that pays almost nothing. They pay based on a five star rating system. If you get a 2 or 3 star rating you get $3 per article. If you get a  4 or 5 star rating you get paid $3.30 per article. Umm, really?
Please, even if you are new to freelance writing, do not, I repeat, do not work for sites that pay these types of wages. You can do better!

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12 thoughts on “What is Writers Domain?

  • Anonymous

    Actually Writers domain pays very good. I did a lot of work for them this month and made over $100. It isn't hard to write a 4 star quality article in 10 minutes, so I ended up averaging about $15 per hour which is not too bad in my book, and I've been freelancingfl for two years. Grantee, I can make more with other sites, but I think this one is still very good. The articles are so simple to writex as you only need to write 200 words, and there isn't hardly any research required. I would recommend it, but people have to keep in mind that there's really only work the first part of the month and they aren't always hiring. The keywords can be funky, but once you figure out how to use them, you can fly through the articles.

  • Anonymous

    Good advice, Alina. I'm a freelance writer, and I had a good experience with this site for my first few months, but lately there is no work to do. When I depend on my writing for my entire income, I just can't depend on sites like this, that don't have continuous work for their writers. One day there will be 2,000 available projects, and then there is nothing for a week or so. I can't depend on them.

  • Alina Post author

    I would say apply to writing jobs that pay more so you don't have to work so much. There are plenty of websites that post jobs for writers and a lot of them pay at least $20 per article and up. Just google "Jobs for Writers."

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I started for them a few months back and rearranged my schedule so that I could focus on writing a lot because I need to clear about $1500 per month. Then, just when I did that their article topics seemed to come to a screeching halt just before Thanksgiving and things haven't picked up much since then. I am getting worried because I was counting on the income, if you know what I mean. I haven't had any bad experiences with WD and I think they are a good company and treat their contracted workers well but I feel a little stupid because here I am, someone who majored in journalism and graduated with a B.A. in communications (quite a few years ago, I must admit) and I am trying to make a decent part-time income on $3.30 per 200-word article. Got any more advice for me? I really need to work from home because I do a lot for my elderly mom who lives nearby and I have four busy teenagers; I want to "be there" for them as much as possible. I am not trying to whine, I am just trying to explain my background a bit. Thanks.

  • domain and hosting services

    This is very informative. If someone had mentioned OT to me before I would have stared. Now I'll know what they're talking about. Thank you for that.

  • Gary

    Alina, I write for writers domain and I think it's a decent way to learn the ropes of freelance writing and get a little extra cash too. I've also done Textbroker in the past. Neither are the $50/hr jobs that you're looking for, but you're probably a much higher-caliber writer; I'm just getting started. While I definitely would like to get paid more, I also don't want to spend my time weeding through work and not getting paid. Looking for work is still work in my opinion and I only have so much time before my kid wakes up! I find with WD I can make $20-30/hr if I'm focused. Yes, it's only $3.30 per article, but I can do 6-8 an hour. That being said, I am quite a fast typer and not everyone can do that. – Gary

  • Alina Bradford

    Hi Ginny,
    I think you misunderstood my post. I was posting a warning for other writers. I do this as a service. I have never written for Writers Domain.
    I do make a living as a freelance writer, and that's why I'm posting these nuggets. I want to help others that want to become full-time freelance writers.

  • Ginny Crandall

    It sucks that you had such a bad experience with them. I have a couple of friends that are stay at home moms who love it because they can write whenever they want (like when their kids are sleeping) and they are able to supplement their husband's incomes. For them it works out really well. I hope you find something that you like!