What is Remilon?

I know a lot of freelance writers are looking for gigs that are like Demand Media, but have a better editorial department and nicer reputation, while still paying upfront for articles. Remilon is a website that pays upfront for articles and has a great reputation. Here are a few facts about the company:

Writers are paid by-the-hour 
They specialize in education articles
Currently, they have over 200 writers
Remilon pays twice a month through PayPal
They produce around 2,000 articles per month
Pay is $8 per hour and up
Freelance writers must do 15 hours of work per week
A test article is required before acceptance, but you are paid for the test article
You have an assigned editor and can freely communicate with the editor
The articles are 250-300 words

If you have any questions about this freelance writing job you can email Remilon.

I recently received this email:

Hello Alina,

I’m writing on behalf of Remilon, the online educational resource you recently profiled on your blog. First off, thanks for showcasing Remilon to your readers. It’s a great article but one point was concerning to us because we don’t want to confuse prospective applicants: the third bullet point from the bottom is slightly misleading (“A test article is required before acceptance, but you are paid for the test article”).

New Remilon content writers aren’t paid for the test assignment specifically, but the orientation process as a whole is paid. I’d just like to remove the notion that the test assignment itself is paid so applicants aren’t surprised.

Thank you!
Erin Malus

Erin Malus
Publishing Operations Coordinator
Remilon, LLC

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