You can wash produce in the dishwasher

Can You Wash Your Produce in the Dishwasher?

You can wash produce in the dishwasher
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Typically, when washing large batches of produce, you would fill your sink with water, add cleansing solution, let the produce soak, scrub the produce, rinse the produce and then move it to somewhere it can air dry. Washing batches of fruit in the dishwasher is much easier. It cleans of wax, dirt, dust and pesticides without scrubbing or soaking by blasting the food with jets of water.

Surprisingly, though the water jets are strong enough to clean the fruits and vegetables, they come out of the dishwasher damage-free.


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Put delicate fruits and vegetables that bruise easily, like tomatoes, peaches and bell peppers, on the top rack of your dishwasher. Hardier items, such as potatoes and cantaloupes can be put on the bottom rack.

Set your dishwasher temperature to cold and the settings to rinse cycle. Do not add detergent and do not use hot water. Hot water will start to cook the produce and it really isn’t needed to get a good clean.

You also don’t need produce wash. The FDA recommends washing fruits and vegetables with just running water.

Let the produce run through the rinse cycle. When the load is done, open the door to the dishwasher a crack so that the produce can air dry.

Test Your Dishwasher

Of course, all dishwashers are different, and you may want to test its produce washing capabilities. A good way to test this tip is using apples from the grocery store. Apples typically come with a waxy coating that is easy to see. After washing the apples in the dishwasher, they should be wax-free. If the test worked, your dishwasher should be good enough to wash a wide array of fruits and vegetables.

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