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When you write for several different outlets, coming up with a continuous flow of article ideas can be a challenge. When I get stumped, I break out a piece of paper and draw a mind map.
Mind maps are a form of brainstorming where you use colors and shapes to stimulate the brain.

Here’s how I create article ideas with mind maps:

  1. I start by drawing a shape of the thing I want to write about (or just a circle). Right now I need to come up with some art article ideas, so I drew an artist’s palette.
  2. I write the subject inside the drawing.
  3. I draw wavy lines spiking out from the drawing, with each line a different color (usually).
  4. On each line, I draw a word that comes to mind when I think of the central idea.
  5. Then, I draw branches coming from those branches focusing on words I think of when I think of the words on the larger branches.

By this point my brain should be connecting words into ideas that can be turned into articles.
With my mind map I came up with the article Recycled Art Studio Furniture and Gear.

Try this technique out and let me know how it works for you!

Here are some other mind maps I’ve made:

how to brainstorm blog posts






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Here’s how other people do mind maps:

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2 thoughts on “Using Mind Maps for Article Ideas

  • Berry

    Thanks for the wonderful post!
    I just love mind maps! I studied the technique of its building and usage in the university during the course of cognitive linguistics! Mind maps show the way the information in organized and stored in our mind. It helps to visualize images in your head (as we see it in the post). Also it can be applied in the memorizing different scopes of information, the most important thing is – you should clearly understand how the notions are connected. That is why you should create map yourself and usage of somebody else’s map will not help