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I have a red print dress that hasn’t fit since the diet miracle of divorce left me three dress sizes smaller. Needless to say, when my new husband and I got together I gained it all back, and then some. So, the dress hasn’t fit in almost six years.

Today, I got tired of it taking up room in my closet without serving a purpose and I took a pair of scissors to it. No, I didn’t hack it up. I turned it into a cute new, bigger dress using color blocking. Color blocking is huge on the runway, so I thought I’d share my project with others.

What You’ll Need:

  • Dress (sleeveless is best)
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle


1.First, I cut out the lining. The lining fabric is going to become the blocks of color on the dress. If your dress doesn’t have a lining you can use material from the fabric store.

2. I cut the seam on each side of the dress, all the way to the arm holes. The only thing holding the dress together was the shoulder seams.
Then I cut the lining into two rectangles that were three inches longer than the seam I just cut.

3. I sewed each rectangle to the sides of the dress and hemmed the raw edges on the bottom and on the arm hole.

4. To make the top of the rectangle more like an arm hole and less like a gaping square of fabric, I hand-stitched a running stitch and then gathered the fabric by pulling on the thread.

5. I did another running stitch on each side of the dress and pulled the thread to create a gather on each side.


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