wall hanging using hobby lobby decoration

How to Transform a Hobby Lobby Clearance Item

My friend Josh is planning on moving, so we have been scouting Hobby Lobby’s clearance isles for decorations. His theme for the living room is “autumn” so we were looking to snatch up anything we could use to give the feel of a sunny October afternoon.

Low and behold, we found this metal wall decoration:

hobby lobby decoration

And it was half-off!

Hobby Lobby Clearance

It was leaves, but it wasn’t fall leaves. I assured Josh that I could jazz it up with some paint so he snatched it up.

At home, I broke out some acrylic paints in fall colors and got to work.

First, I drew some veins for the leaves in yellow and orange. They’re basically just a line down the center of the leaf with a bunch of thinner lines jutting off of it in a V-shape.

how to paint fall leaves

Next, I dipped a big fluffy brush in several different colors of paint, dabbed the brush on a paper towel a few times and dry brushed the whole thing. I also added little dabs of paint to the leaves.

dry brushing metal


Then, I filled in the leaves with my color of choice.

painting leaves for decorations

Finally, I sprayed it with clear gloss spray paint. Here’s the finished wall hanging:

wall hanging using hobby lobby decoration


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