The Top Five Ways to Work at Home With Small Children

Original Art By Alina Bradford

If you have children, like I do, keeping your kids happy while you are writing, and still getting work done, can be a hassle. Here are some tips to make life a little easier.

Make a Mini-Office

Make a special area for your kids beside your work area. Fill it with toys, coloring books, crayons, and other things that your child likes and encourage him to play while you work.
Give Them “Work”

Let your child “work” too. Give your child a small pad of paper and a pencil, then let her go wild. Even if your child can’t really write yet, she will still get satisfaction out of being like mommy or daddy.
Schedule In Fun

Take regular play breaks. Give your tot, and your own mind, a break and play your child’s favorite game for a few minutes every couple of hours.
Work Around Your Child’s Schedule

Decide to work when your child is napping, at grandma’s or playing outside with your spouse. This way you can get 100% quiet time for those especially important tasks.
Work at Home, Away from Home

Take you child to places where they can safely play and you can have WiFi access, like McDonald’s. Your child can get plenty of exercise and socialization and you can get a frothy drink to sip while you work.

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