Right now, as I’m writing this, I’m watching alerts pop up on my screen. They are telling me that a potential client is actually opening and clicking on links in the email I just sent her. I love not needing to wonder if my emails get opened and if my clip links get clicked on. How am I spying on my clients…or anyone else I send an email to? I installed the free app Sidekick by Hubspot into my browser. It sends me alerts when people open my emails, tells me how many times they open the email and what […]

How Sidekick by Hubspot Can Help You Find Work

Something unusual just happened to me, and I had to share. I completed an article for a client a few days ago. Today, I got an email stating that they liked my work so much they are going to tip me an extra $11. I’ve never worked as a waitress or delivery person before, so I’m pretty stoked about my first tip. Have you ever gotten a tip for your writing or editing services? 

Getting Paid Tips? This is New to Me!

Okay, I usually don’t post style tips here, but I’ve just learned a tip that I think will help a lot of the mommy/freelance writers out there. You know when you need to do your hair for a video chat with a client, but only have a few seconds? The answer is the sock bun. Yes, you use a sock. And it comes out beautifully. Apparently, women in the military have been using this trick for years. Well, now it’s our turn, ladies. Here’s a video to show you how:

Fast Style for Freelancers

Though I don’t promote using Demand Media Studios (also known as Demand Studios and DS) as a full-time gig, it is great for when your freelance assignments are at a trickle. That’s what I’ve been using it for over the past few years. The trick to making decent DS income is to find titles quickly and write them quickly. Here are some of my tips: Make use of the “Save Searches” function. Choose what format you like and the rate, then use a certain keyword to find titles and save it. You can save up to 20 searches. This saves time because […]

Tricks for Making More Money With Demand Studios

Freelance writers are supposed to be their own boss, right? I mean, the government considers you your own boss. Your mom considers you boss-free. Your best-friend envies your “free” status. But if you write for clients or residual income sites are you really boss free? Consider this: Clients tell you when projects are due. Residual income sites tell you what you can and can’t post. Clients control the subjects you write about. Residual income sites take a cut of your profits. Clients can cancel projects. Residual sites can go out of business. Both attempt to take as much rights to […]

Think You’re Your Own Boss? Think Again.

Back in my post a few days ago, I talked about tracking how readers get to your articles and blog posts. Well, in my search for the truth I found something amazing. On one of my most visited articles only 25 people found it using Google Search in an entire month. How did the other 8,000 people find my article? StumbleUpon and Facebook. In fact, my article had been stumbled around 400 times. Others are reporting similar trends. What does this mean to me? To you? It means social media is the new search engine. We need to stop fretting about SEO […]

Why Social Media is More Important Than Google Search

One of My Minion’s- Umm- Children, In My Office Time for the annual quandary: How do you run a successful freelance writing business while the kids are on summer break? Here are some things to try: Work after the kids are asleep. This also has the added bonus of my office/sun room being nice and cool. Sending the kids to vacation bible school. This is only for a few hours a day and only lasts for a week, but I’ll take what I can get! Ship them to family members every now and then. My girls have already been to […]

Writing, Summer and Kids

You’re Being Followed By Berkeley Robinson You know what I hate? When I’m researching a product to write about and Amazon saves my search history. Then, for weeks, I get emails trying to encourage me to buy similar products. No, I don’t want to buy a solar radio. No, I don’t want to buy a $300 generator that has a radio in it. It gets me to thinking though. What if writers could track what their readers are interested in and write articles based on that information? Well, we can. Take a look at your website or blog’s stat information. Did a reader come […]

The Woes of the Freelance Writer’s Search

Three weeks ago we stumbled upon a house that just went on the market. It was completely remodeled and priced so low that we simply had to snatch it up before someone else made an offer. We weren’t planning on buying a house this year, but you never know what blessing will be thrown your way. The same holds true for freelance writing. You never know when a new prospect will be thrown your way, but you must be prepared and willing to jump in before you lose it. How do you stay prepared? Keep a list of article ideas on topics that […]

Surprises and the Freelance Writer

Cartoon by Alina Bradford I read a lot of freelance writing tip blogs. One major thing that I notice is the “You only have to write six articles each day to make a living as a freelance writer!” mantra. At the end of the blog post there’s always several comments saying, “Oh wow! It’s so simple! I can’t wait to get started with my new career!” Hold your horses there, Newbie. Times have changed. There used to be a time when you could log onto sites like BrightHub or Demand Studios, knock out six articles in a couple hours and […]

Something for New Freelance Writers to Think About