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I hate promoting. Unfortunately, though, promotion gets readers and readers generate money in the residual income world. It’s a good thing, then, that I found a nifty tool that lets me promote my articles in less than three minutes on a wide range of social networking sites. The tool is called AddThis. It’s free and can be installed to your web browser’s toolbar so it is always easy to find. To use it you simply open up the article you want to share, click on the AddThis button on your toolbar and click on the social media site where you want to […]

How to Promote Your Articles in Less Than 3 Minutes

SEO residual income writing gives writers the chance to write about whatever they want and make money. In post-Panda times, many writers are wondering how to still earn with their articles and gain Google’s love. Well, I’ve trolled forums, listened to other writers and read news articles to come up with the key to what Google is looking for in articles. Here’s a process I’ve come up with to meet new Google guidelines. The crossed out lines are what people used to tell you to do to get Google points that aren’t true anymore. Come up with a list of topics you […]

SEO Residual Income Writing Post-Panda Tips

Figuring out which keywords will make the most money for residual income articles is difficult. The best way I’ve found to test out ideas is to use a site that caters to short articles. I used to use eHow for this, but now that their writing program has shut down I’ve moved on to using List My 5.  My earnings there have been comparable, plus the site is laid out a lot like the old eHow. These articles take about 10 minutes to write, tops, so they are quick. Very little effort to see which of my ideas are hits […]

So Which Keywords Will Work For Your Residual Income Articles?

Suite 101 has started sending out reports every month on how much your articles earn. From these reports I’ve learned: One article can earn you over 19% of your overall earnings Sometimes your best earning articles are ones with a long tail keywords Older articles (I mean years old) tend to earn me the most money An article doesn’t have to get a lot of page views to make a lot of money A large amount of articles may not earn you anything one month, but that can change in a few weeks Seasonal articles can make you a lot […]

Article Earnings at Suite 101: What I’ve Learned

One of My Websites Yah, so most residual income sites like Suite 101, Hubpages and Buskia have a bad reputation with some “professional” writers. Personally I don’t, but some of the arguments against them have gotten me thinking. The most compelling argument, to me at least, is that they won’t be around forever, then what? Okay, point taken. So how do you enjoy the wonderment of residual income without using a residual income site? Make your own. There are two choices for controlling your own residual income- privately owned blogs and websites. I’ve had many of my own websites and […]

How to Make Residual Income Without Residual Income Sites

© Cartoon by Alina Bradford When you work as a freelance writer you’re going to have times when there’s more work than you can handle, and other times when you have nothing to do. Even if there’s no client work, you can still find plenty to do to earn money for the day. Write a post for your personal blog Come up with an article pitch for a print magazine Write for a mill like Demand Media Studios or Break Studios Write a residual income article for sites like Suite 101 or Like My 5 Bid on some work at […]

Lack of Freelance Work: What to Do When You Have Nothing to Do

Don’t Let Google Advertising Confuse You I don’t know how many times I’ve read forum posts by web writers complaining that their niche is has horrible Google AdWords rates and that they’ll never make any money from residual sites. Bah! There is a science to turning any niche into a money maker. Here are my key SEO tips: Brainstorm keywords that relate to your niche. Take one of your keywords and plug it into Google AdWords’ keyword tool. Click on the button that says “Columns.” Click on the Estimated Avg. CPC option in the box that pops up and click […]

How to Make Google AdWords Work for Your Writing Niche

So, yesterday I compared my eHow revenue share earnings versus what I would have made by just selling the articles to Demand Studios. Well, I decided to try the same kind of experiment with my Suite 101 articles. I have made well over $7,000 by placing my articles at Suite. If I had sold them to DS I would have only made $4425. That’s a HUGE difference. Plus, I will keep earning on my Suite articles and I still own the copyrights to the articles. I’ve been having some doubts about sticking with Suite 101 lately, but  experiment shows me […]

Suite 101 Revenue Share VS. Demand Studios Flat Fee Payments

Revenue Share Makes Me Dance! I was just over at Felicia A. Williams’ No Job for Mom! blog and on one of her newest posts she wrote about taking leaps of faith when it comes to creating residual income. Her post spurred me to see just how much success I was having doing residual income vs. regular up-front payment. This type of test needs apple to apple comparisons, so I took a look at my eHow earnings vs. what I might have earned if I’d wrote the same article for Demand Studios. Let’s be honest, you can’t really compare these […]

Proof that Residual Income Pays Off

I read a post on another blog the other day declaring that a freelance writer should never write articles for a residual income site. The major reasoning here was that you can’t predict how much you will earn and that you may not earn enough to justify the work. Well, as a seasoned residual income writer I’d have to say just the opposite. I think every freelance writer should have at least one residual income account. Here are my reasons: An Article Depository With a residual income site you’ll always have somewhere to put articles that you can’t find a […]

Residual Income: Does it Really Work?

If you read this blog with any regularity you’ll know that I take a lot of vacations (see: How to Use Vacations to Make You a Wealthier Freelance Writer). This year my family and I have taken a vacation once every other month or so . Ah, the freelancing life. Now, I’m not gloating. My point is if you’re going to be a freelancer, make sure that you take advantage of one of the major perks: making your own hours. I’m not able to take a vacation every other month because I don’t work or because I make lots of […]

$100 Days for November…Then Another Vacation

Okay, I’ve heard for a long time that I should be making all of my writing work together for the maximum profit. I never really got what all of those writers meant until now. Here’s what I’ve learned: Write articles for clients that pay well Use that research to write articles (on a different slant, of course) for residual income sites like Suite 101(the best in my opinion)  Write blogs on subjects that complement the articles and link to the articles to increase the article’s traffic Write blogs that complement the subject of the previous blogs to raise the traffic of the blog […]

Light Bulb Moment- Making All of My Writing Work Together

I constantly see writers asking if residual pay sites pay off. I have been a member of eHow, a residual income site, since its inception. This site shows exactly how much money each article makes, so I can see if it was worth my effort. Here’s how it panned out, below. I grouped the articles into how much they’ve earned and no article was placed in more than one category. Remember, each article only took around ten minutes to write. 82 articles made $.05-$4.99 23 articles made $5-$9.99 13 articles made $10-$14.99 17 of my articles made more than $15-$19.99 […]

Do Residual Sites Pay Off?