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Writing for Money by Alina Bradford I see new writers asking on forums all the time, “How can I make money as a writer?” Well, I’ve decided to answer that question here- and no, I’m not going to suggest writing for content mills or other obvious places like magazines or newspapers. Here we go: Write your own ebook about something that fascinates you and sell it on your blog or using a Kindle platform. Lots of writers are have a lot of luck with this. Write Tweets and Facebook posts. I wrote a bit about this on my Tweeting for Money post.  […]

10 Ways Writers Can Make Money

Well, I took another vacation last week. I seem to be taking vacations every couple of months now. It’s one of the biggest benefits of being a freelance writer, at least to me. You may be surprised to learn that I often take my vacation time and use it to get wealthier while I relax and travel. How do I relax and make money at the same time? Simple. I pay attention. For example, on a recent trip to Oklahoma City I noticed that there was an art show being held. Since I write art related articles, I just had […]

How to Use Vacations to Make You a Wealthier Freelance Writer

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So, I’ve kind-of been at a crossroads in my writing career during the past month. Usually, I ghostwrite articles for clients, which brings in a great fee, but then the article is lost to me forever. Over time, I have become burned out with writing article after article, especially since I entered the writing world as a fiction writer. I’ve decided to make a change. My first step was creating a site where I could post my articles and receive 100% of the profits and retain my copyrights. This site is Defrazzle Next, I decided to go back to […]

Creating Your Own Site

I constantly see writers asking if residual pay sites pay off. I have been a member of eHow, a residual income site, since its inception. This site shows exactly how much money each article makes, so I can see if it was worth my effort. Here’s how it panned out, below. I grouped the articles into how much they’ve earned and no article was placed in more than one category. Remember, each article only took around ten minutes to write. 82 articles made $.05-$4.99 23 articles made $5-$9.99 13 articles made $10-$14.99 17 of my articles made more than $15-$19.99 […]

Do Residual Sites Pay Off?

The other day on a forum I frequent, a new writer asked how many articles she had to write a day to make a living as a freelance writer. Most of us seasoned vets answered, “It depends.” First, you have to decide how much money you need to make a day to live comfortably. I have decided that I need to make around $75 a day to meet my financial needs. How many articles I do depends on my client. I have one client that pays $100 per article. One article and I’m good for the day’s goal. If I’m […]

How to Make a Living as a Freelance Writer