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Winter Depression by Ramzi Hashisho Winter is often a time of sad feelings and depression. This widespread phenomenon has been widely diagnosed as seasonal affective disorder, which comes from the lack of light during the winter solstice. As a writer, I get seasonal affective disorder because I’m indoors all the time. Or so I thought. Research suggests, though, that there may be another, overlooked, cause for winter depression: Mold. The Findings Edmond Shenassa, Brown University epidemiologist, who led a study on data collected from eight European cities, said that there was a link between depression and living in a home […]

How to Fight Mold-Related Winter Depression

“How much should I get paid for freelance writing?” I hear this question all the time. Usually, I just answer with a vague, “It depends,” but for my HTBFW readers out there I’ll break it down. Before anything else, you need to decide how much money you need. You see, you can make anything from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars per week. As a freelancer, you get to decide what you get paid and what hours you work. So sit down and do the math. Start by deciding how much money you need to survive each month. […]

How Much Should I Get Paid for Freelance Writing?

In my last post I wrote about a content site that pays $3 per article. I got this comment soon after: Alina, I write for writers domain and I think it’s a decent way to learn the ropes of freelance writing and get a little extra cash too. I’ve also done Textbroker in the past. Neither are the $50/hr jobs that you’re looking for, but you’re probably a much higher-caliber writer; I’m just getting started. While I definitely would like to get paid more, I also don’t want to spend my time weeding through work and not getting paid. Looking […]

Why Writing for $3 Per Article Isn’t Going to Help Your Freelance Career

I recently received an email by a reader. Her question is a common one, and one I’ve dealt with: What do you tell your sources when you are writing on-spec? Do you tell them you are writing for the publication? Here was my reply: The best way to go about this is to tell your source that you are working on-spec for XYZ Magazine and leave it at that. Most people don’t mind and those who might care usually don’t know what “on-spec” means.  If it turns out that your article isn’t accepted, simply tell your source that the article won’t be published with […]

How to Present Yourself to Sources When You’re Writing On-Spec

Sometimes Sites Stop Paying Residuals During the past 12 years of freelancing I’ve always had one mantra, “Never stop searching.” As a freelancer you never know when that lucrative project will end. You never know when a residual income site will shut down. You never know when Google will put the smackdown on your website. So, when you think that you have too much work, that is when you have just the right amount.You never know when one project will end so stock-up like you’re hording toilet paper for the apocalypse. 

Never Stop Searching for Freelance Work