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    How To Pitch Magazines: A Writer’s Guide for Getting Published

    Lately, one of the biggest questions I’ve gotten from new writers is how to pitch a magazine. For the modern freelance writer, the online world of published articles and opportunities to be featured in well-known magazines is daunting and intimidating. There’s a right way to propose your pitch to the editor of a magazine – which means there’s a wrong way, too. There is so much competition out there for that spot to feature your article that it’s worth taking the time to work out how to approach the big wigs and make a name for yourself. Here is a step-by-step guide to writing and pitching your article to a…

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    18 Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

    Looking for a freelance writing job? Try these sites. Freelance Writing Job Boards Write Jobs (Freelance Job Board) Freelance Writing Gigs Online Writing Jobs Absolute Write Networking and Sharing Leads Forum Absolute Write Paying Jobs Forum Places for Writers Freelance Writing.com ProBlogger Sites that Hire Writers and/or Pay for Articles  Contena Scripted Writers Access Skyword About.com Blue Glass / Copy Press BlogMutt DotWriter Listverse Curbly Want to become a freelance writer or hone the skills you already have? Join my Master Class. Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

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    Writting for ContentCurrent

    I was alerted to ContentCurrent by a fellow writer in a Facebook group I’m a member of, so I checked it out. According to their site, “As a Content Current writer you will be able to pick the writing tasks that you like and submit them through our easy-to-use interface. There are thousands of writing tasks waiting to be completed on ContentCurrent right now.” Before you can write those articles, though, you must write a 500 word “test article.” My test article is about “Hartford Technical College.” I’m not sure if I’ll write it. The test article is graded by editors and you are given a writing level. The higher your…

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    Links to Freelance Writing Job Sites and Leads

    Since I’m looking for freelance work again, I thought I’d share some of the freelance job sites where I look for freelance jobs at. They are tied and true and full of great job leads.The best part is that I’ve weeded out sites that list mainly location specific jobs. It’s all freelance, all the way. About Freelance Writing Write Jobs Freelance Writing Gigs Online Writing Jobs Sun Oasis Absolute Write Networking and Sharing Leads Forum Absolute Write Paying Jobs Forum Places for Writers Writerfind Freelance Job Openings .com Twit Job Search Rat Race Rebellion (Be careful. There’s a lot of junk on this site.) Blue Badger  Now that you know…

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    When You Screw Up on a Freelance Job

    It’s inevitable. Eventually you will screw up on a freelance job. You’ll forget to spell check an article that you had to write last minute. You’ll mess up the links your client needed embedded in a review. You miss a grammatical error on the second page. Sh*t happens. What you do afterward is the important part. Here’s the steps you should follow when this happens: Suck it up. Yah, you screwed up. Don’t pout. Fix the mistake ASAP. Apologize for your mistake. Don’t promise it won’t ever happen again. Hey, you’re human. Make a checklist of things to double-check before you send a final draft so that you’ll be better…