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    Freelancers: Here’s How to Maximize Your Workday

    Okay, I make jokes on social media all the time about how half of my workday is spent looking at Facebook, but distractions are a real problem for most freelance writers. The folks over at Activia Training have come up with this great infographic that can help you stop procrastinating and maximize your workday. You can read more here. Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

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    Eliminate Freelancer Fear With Proactive Payments

    Despite all the odds, freelancers are strangely optimistic about the future. We work in an uncertain field and have only ourselves to depend on, yet more than seventy percent says they feel either confident or balanced about their business performance over the next twelve months. Where the media is talking about a stressed out workforce and an uncertain future, freelancers are taking it easy – demonstrating that it is, in fact, possible to have our priorities straight when we manage it on our own. It’s not all rosy, though, as the same percentage said that they have problems with late or non-existing payments. Something as simple as being paid for…

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    The Freelancer’s Guide to Dealing with Clients

    As a freelance writer, for me, the work is easy. It’s dealing with the clients that’s hard. So, over the past few years I have developed a strategy for dealing with clients, and ensuring I get paid every time! How to Spot a Scam There are a lot of scammers out there that would just love for you to write something great, then disappear without paying. You can spot the tricksters with these tips: They don’t want to tell you their budget in the ad. Their ad is full of typos. It doesn’t seem like the person who wrote the ad speaks English very well. The ad is very vague…

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    The 7 Sins of the Unready Writer (Blogging for Noobs)

    For everyone who wants to embrace the freelance writing career, there are plenty of helpful materials online to teach you exactly what you should be doing, and how, and preferably when and where too. But I am of the opinion that the best lessons are the ones that show you clearly what you shouldn’t do. Here’s an ode to the worst mistakes of copywriting. #1. You don’t stick to basic SEO rules The first and most basic lesson is that online writing can turn into a successful business if you’re being viewed and noticed. In other words, not obeying the rules of SEO – Search Engine Optimization – will get…

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    Tools to Help Freelancers to Celebrate World Entrepreneur Day

    I just received this great information, and thought it would be helpful for you freelancers out there, especially since it’s World Entrepreneur Day: The most recent annual report from Upwork and the Freelancers Union found that more people than ever are choosing to freelance, up to 55 million this year, or 35% of the total U.S. workforce. Many factors are contributing to a surge in the gig economy like the growing costs of opening a business (office space, utilities, payroll, etc.) to employees seeking flexibility, but one thing remains the same: contract workers do not receive access to the same benefits that full-time employees working for companies do. The following freelance-friendly…