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    How to Make $100 to $200, Be Lazy and Never Leave Home

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin I make around $100 to $200 per hour. I work at home and I make my own hours. Not bad, eh? A lot of freelance writers I know don’t think this is possible. They grab $3 articles from auction sites like oDesk and Upwork, then work their fingers to the bone to bang out enough of these little stinkers to keep their power on. Now, I admit, I’m lazy. Belting out article after article, eight hours per day, seven days a week just seems like too much work. I like to work smarter, not harder, so I end up writing higher paying articles, clips and how-tos a couple…

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    Freelancers: Here’s How to Maximize Your Workday

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinOkay, I make jokes on social media all the time about how half of my workday is spent looking at Facebook, but distractions are a real problem for most freelance writers. The folks over at Activia Training have come up with this great infographic that can help you stop procrastinating and maximize your workday. You can read more here. Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin

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    Freelance Writing Jobs: Gravytrain Isn’t a Gravy Train

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin I stumbled upon a forum post over at WAHM.com about a site that hires writers called Gravytrain. This lead me to a disturbing article at BCBusiness about the site. It seems that any writing ethics are thrown clean out the window, at least that’s what the owners fessed up to. Not only that, but do you get paid well for all of this debauchery? Nope. It looks like they named themselves in a misleading fashion because a gravy train it is not. They claim you make around $25 to $40 per hour. You get around $12 per 500 word article according to research by BCBusiness. Don’t lower yourself.…

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    Freelancing Opportunity: What is Skyword?

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin I’ve found a new way to get freelancing jobs and I love it. The company is called Skyword (this is not a referral link) and it is a middleman of sorts that connects writers with big publishers. At first, I was leery of using them. All of their clients were paying very little for articles, so I waited. After a while, the site started to get bigger and bigger clients. Currently, they have clients that are paying $10 to $200 per article. Once you are a member of the site, you can apply to write for clients. If you are accepted, you follow the client’s writing guidelines and write a specific…

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    What is Writer Access?

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedin I have recently joined up with Writer Access. They tend to pay on the lower side for projects, but, like other sites I’ve written about lately, they are a good way to fill in your income in-between bigger jobs. They pay on a sliding scale, which is posted on this page. There are various types of projects, including articles, web page writing and blogs. Some of their customers ask a lot for very little money. For example, there was a post the other day requiring the writer to write three web pages for a total of $17.50. The biggest problem with this site is that there are rarely…