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Finding high-paying gigs as a freelance writer is hard. Luckily, you have me! Forget Craigslist. Here are some of the best sites for finding high-paying gigs. FW: Be sure to sign up for’s Morning Coffee Newsletter Freelance Writing Jobs: This is one of my favorite places to look for high-paying gigs. Problogger: This is an amazing place to find blogging gigs that pay well. LinkedIn: If you’re serious about making big bucks, this is where you go. Make sure to type “freelance writer” in the search bar. Writers Weekly: Angela Hoy updates her jobs page regularly and you can find […]

The Best Job Sites for Freelance Writers   Recently updated !

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Looking for a freelance writing job? Try these sites. Freelance Writing Job Boards Write Jobs (Freelance Job Board) Freelance Writing Gigs Online Writing Jobs Absolute Write Networking and Sharing Leads Forum Absolute Write Paying Jobs Forum Places for Writers Freelance ProBlogger Sites that Hire Writers and/or Pay for Articles  Contena Scripted Writers Access Skyword Blue Glass / Copy Press BlogMutt DotWriter Listverse Curbly Want to become a freelance writer or hone the skills you already have? Join my Master Class.

18 Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

If you are thinking about applying at RantLifestyle, you may want to hold off. This is an email I just received about their pay: Hello, thank you for contacting me. My name is Chris Gamble and I am the Hiring Manager for RantLifestyle. RantLifestyle is one of the fastest growing websites on the internet with over nine million unique visitors over the last 30 days and over 200 million page views during that same span. To start, all writers must start as unpaid contributors. There is no quota to meet but writers are working to improve their writer’s score to join […]

Does RantLifestyle Pay its Writers?

Right now, as I’m writing this, I’m watching alerts pop up on my screen. They are telling me that a potential client is actually opening and clicking on links in the email I just sent her. I love not needing to wonder if my emails get opened and if my clip links get clicked on. How am I spying on my clients…or anyone else I send an email to? I installed the free app Sidekick by Hubspot into my browser. It sends me alerts when people open my emails, tells me how many times they open the email and what […]

How Sidekick by Hubspot Can Help You Find Work

The other day, I was visiting one of my favorite forums and found a post by a writer that is down in the dumps because he can’t seem to make more than a few dollars per article. All he does is do work for content mills. I gave him some tips on how to make more money, and it occurred to me that some of my readers may like to read the tips, too. Here they are. Apply, Apply, Apply! What I do to make more than a few bucks per article is to apply to writing jobs. Gathering real life clients […]

Tips for Making More Money as a Writer

Since I wrote my blog on Grab a Writer a few days ago, I’ve seen many writers claim that Grab a Writer is a scam and doesn’t have any actual jobs. Well, I beg to differ. Today I was emailed a job opportunity for one of their clients. Here’s what the job looked like: Take a look at that price for 10 articles! I would get a whopping $2.50! Wow, somebody catch me because I’m about to faint at my good fortune. As a writer, you can click on the magnifying glass to see the details of the project: Sorry, I’m going to need […]

Grab a Writer Does Have Jobs

I just heard of a brand new freelance job site for writers named Grab a Writer. From what I can tell, they have some active clients hiring freelance writers. The site is a lot like Elance, except there is no bidding. People search the writers’ profiles until they find the person they want, then hire them through the Grab a Writer system. I think the part I like best about the site is that the writer gets to set their price, the amount of hours they are willing to work and their turn-around time. This helps insure that you don’t get somebody […]

Freelance Job Site: Grab a Writer

The other day, one of my writing friends recommended OverBlog.  This site takes all of your social media posts and gathers them on one site. All you need to do is allow the site to link to your social media posts from Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Youtube, Flickr and Facebook. You can also create blogs on the site.Then, the site pays you for page views, or at least that’s how I understand it. It looks like they are in a flux right now. You could add your Adsense code…now I can’t find it and others say changes are being made. It’s in Beta mode, […]

What is OverBlog?

I was alerted to ContentCurrent by a fellow writer in a Facebook group I’m a member of, so I checked it out. According to their site, “As a Content Current writer you will be able to pick the writing tasks that you like and submit them through our easy-to-use interface. There are thousands of writing tasks waiting to be completed on ContentCurrent right now.” Before you can write those articles, though, you must write a 500 word “test article.” My test article is about “Hartford Technical College.” I’m not sure if I’ll write it. The test article is graded by editors […]

Writting for ContentCurrent

I received an email from TMDM and I thought I’d pass along the information to my readers: Dear Alina –  Thanks for your interest in our platform: Please start with an application here : Once inducted – you can start accessing dozens of daily orders posted on there. The pricing is better than industry standards – therefore you would have write-ups that come with rates starting from 0.02$/word all the way up to 0.07$/word. Remember – these are flat rates paid directly to you – we do not take a cut because it is us, the platform, posting orders and […]

Freelance Job Opening: TMDM Writer’s Platform

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I have recently been doing some writing for Scripted. This site is basically a middleman. Business owners go to Scripted with a project and Scripted finds the best writer for the job using their database. Writers sign up, apply for niche areas to write in, and then are assigned work as it comes available. The rates vary, depending on the type of work. Blogs usually pay around $20, for example. You don’t get paid extra for photos, though, which is my only complaint. I really like this site. There’s no need to submit bids or hunt for work. If you need a […]

Freelance Writing Jobs: Scripted

Well, I like to feature the great places to get freelance writing work and the ones that you should stay far, far away from. In this case, it is the latter. Writers Domain is another content farm that pays almost nothing. They pay based on a five star rating system. If you get a 2 or 3 star rating you get $3 per article. If you get a  4 or 5 star rating you get paid $3.30 per article. Umm, really? Please, even if you are new to freelance writing, do not, I repeat, do not work for sites that pay these types of […]

What is Writers Domain?

I came across a site the other day that is looking for writers. I’m not sure how much they pay or what kind of writing they want, but I thought I’d pass along the name of the site and their contact information. The site is Personalive Services and you can inquire about a writing job by sending them a cover letter and your resume to this email address. If you have any information about this site, be sure to let me know about it in the comments, below.

What is Personalive Services?

Okay, you’ve seen the places I look for freelance writing jobs and you’ve seen how I weed out the best paying jobs. Now I’m going to show you how I apply for the freelance jobs quickly. The secret is that I use templates that I customize to each opening. For example, one of my niches is fitness and healthy eating. So, I wrote a cover letter that goes over all of my expertise in this area. When I apply for jobs in this niche, I just tweak the cover letter a bit and copy and paste it into an email. […]

How to Apply for Freelance Writing Jobs Quickly

Freelance Writing Job Ads on Writerfind When I need a new freelance gig I usually find one in a few days time. Is it because I have really low standards? No. Is it because I have super amazing credentials? Nope. I get great new gigs quickly because I’ve gotten job hunting down to a science. Yesterday I posted my list of job hunting sites. Today, I’m going to show you how I weed through them quickly everyday to find the real gems. First I scan job lists for keywords that target my niches.  I only click on ads with titles […]

How to Quickly Weed Through Freelance Writing Job Ads

Since I’m looking for freelance work again, I thought I’d share some of the freelance job sites where I look for freelance jobs at. They are tied and true and full of great job leads.The best part is that I’ve weeded out sites that list mainly location specific jobs. It’s all freelance, all the way. About Freelance Writing Write Jobs Freelance Writing Gigs Online Writing Jobs Sun Oasis Absolute Write Networking and Sharing Leads Forum Absolute Write Paying Jobs Forum Places for Writers Writerfind Freelance Job Openings .com Twit Job Search Rat Race Rebellion (Be careful. There’s a lot of […]

Links to Freelance Writing Job Sites and Leads

So awhile back I wrote about my 2011 freelance writing goals. The good (and maybe bad) thing about making your goals so early is that you can rethink them over and over again.While I still like the goals I made back in November, I think I need to add a few more. I’ve realized that a big money maker ($40-$100 per hour) will be coming to a close in 2011. This means I have to go into freelance job finding mode. In years past I’ve had no problem finding great freelance writing jobs. This coming year I’m making the job […]

Thinking About 2011 Goals…Again

I recently got an email from Sheena, an administrator of the Antiques Republic, that included writer’s guidelines. I don’t write about antiques, but I thought I’d share and excerpt of the letter for any of you guy that do. BTW, the I bolded areas for clarity. “What do you get in submitting your articles? •Your articles will be posted at our Ask the Expert section giving you a more reputable status. (To view an example, check out •Links to your websites or your profile will be displayed on every article pages you have for FREE. •Generate more traffic for […]

Freelance Jobs: What is Antiques Republic?

I was reading over at the Suite 101 forums that is looking for a few good writers. This freelancing site needs people who write on sustainability, innovation, social change and green technology. Many of the articles are in the how-to or top 10 list format.They pay with 60% of the ad revenue share and bonuses for popular pieces. The site doesn’t say what rights they want, so be careful if you choose to give them a try. For more information see their Write for Us Page.

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