Demand Studios has been known to copy ideas before, and their latest idea, eHow Spark, is no different. Spark works a lot like Pinterest. You can pin photos and text to your boards and share them with others using an app or a “clipping” tool. The catch is, while Pinterest says in their Terms of Agreement that they have no claim to what is pinned on their site, eHow claims everything: Click on it to make it larger. I think this is a clear warning to content producers to stay clear of this site. If you want to keep other […]

Beware of eHow Spark

Well, the event people have been predicting has finally happened. Demand Media Studios has all but halted the production of eHow articles. In an announcement made last week, DMS said that it will limit the amount of titles produced for the site for the foreseeable future. Titles are restricted to subjects that hasn’t already been covered by eHow. Hmmm, titles that hasn’t already been covered by eHow… Articles on lengthy, in-depth processes that are worth a lot more than $15-$25 a pop. I don’t see many writers spending their time writing for DMS any more. The lure of the fast buck is […]

DMS Slowing Down eHow Production

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Demand Studios and Panda by Alina Bradford Google had promised that Panda was for sites like eHow, yet the first wave seemed to completely miss Demand Media. This time though, it seems like eHow got hit like a man in the ring with George Foreman, according to many traffic tracking sites and web trend sites, like WebProNews and It Pro Portal. So, what does this mean? Well, Demand has been frantically restructuring their way of producing articles. Most articles now have to be written by “experts” and have lengthy references. Even though the standard have tightened, the pay has stayed about the same. My guess is […]

Demand Media Gets Hit By Panda…Finally

If you used to be a writer for eHow’s WCP (Writer’s Compensation Program) you may want to check your articles. eHow is going through a site-wide sweep, deleting articles right and left. Recently, I had 20 articles deleted. There was no email to tell me that the articles were deleted and many writers on the eHow forum are reporting the same. Apparently, articles are being deleted because they have similar titles to articles that Demand Studios owns. At least, that’s what writers are saying over at the forums. I tend to agree, because none of my articles fit the criteria […]

eHow WCP Alert

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Well, yesterday I talked about how Google’s new algorithm has slammed Suite 101 from first page result to dozens of pages back. Well, the change has very harshly affected my page views over at Suite. This time last month I was getting around 2,500 page views a day at Suite. Yesterday I got 873. On the other hand, my eHow articles that I posted years ago are doing better than ever. Other former eHow writers report that their page views are doing the same or better than before the Google algorithm change. Other reports confirm that eHow has benefited from […]

How My Articles Have Been Affected by Google Change

Drawing by MagicMarie Google has made changes to their algorithm that lowers the ranking of Suite 101 and raise the ranking of eHow. According to Sistrix, Suite basically lost 94%  of its rank. According to some research done by some of my fellow writers, Suite articles that used to be on first page results have now dropped out of site and have been replaced by eHow articles and scraper articles. After all the talk about Google targeting eHow for its low quality, these results are puzzling. What’s going on here? Have some ideas? Share them in the comments.

Google Changes the Way it Searches and Slams Suite 101

So, yesterday I compared my eHow revenue share earnings versus what I would have made by just selling the articles to Demand Studios. Well, I decided to try the same kind of experiment with my Suite 101 articles. I have made well over $7,000 by placing my articles at Suite. If I had sold them to DS I would have only made $4425. That’s a HUGE difference. Plus, I will keep earning on my Suite articles and I still own the copyrights to the articles. I’ve been having some doubts about sticking with Suite 101 lately, but  experiment shows me […]

Suite 101 Revenue Share VS. Demand Studios Flat Fee Payments

I read a post on another blog the other day declaring that a freelance writer should never write articles for a residual income site. The major reasoning here was that you can’t predict how much you will earn and that you may not earn enough to justify the work. Well, as a seasoned residual income writer I’d have to say just the opposite. I think every freelance writer should have at least one residual income account. Here are my reasons: An Article Depository With a residual income site you’ll always have somewhere to put articles that you can’t find a […]

Residual Income: Does it Really Work?

FYI: I recently got an email from the owner of touting it as a great freelance job. Here’s what the email had to say: The site has a similar pay model to Suite101. So basically the site is a revenue share model. The article format is similar to eHow but with a supposedly stronger focus on quality. I checked out the site and it looks very rough. It’s not the clean-cut  style of Suite 101 or eHow. If you give it a try, let me know how you like it.

Freelance Jobs: What is Libeti?

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So, I’ve kind-of been at a crossroads in my writing career during the past month. Usually, I ghostwrite articles for clients, which brings in a great fee, but then the article is lost to me forever. Over time, I have become burned out with writing article after article, especially since I entered the writing world as a fiction writer. I’ve decided to make a change. My first step was creating a site where I could post my articles and receive 100% of the profits and retain my copyrights. This site is Defrazzle Next, I decided to go back to […]

Creating Your Own Site

I constantly see writers asking if residual pay sites pay off. I have been a member of eHow, a residual income site, since its inception. This site shows exactly how much money each article makes, so I can see if it was worth my effort. Here’s how it panned out, below. I grouped the articles into how much they’ve earned and no article was placed in more than one category. Remember, each article only took around ten minutes to write. 82 articles made $.05-$4.99 23 articles made $5-$9.99 13 articles made $10-$14.99 17 of my articles made more than $15-$19.99 […]

Do Residual Sites Pay Off?

So, many of you may remember that eHow was in hot water last year for stealing unintentionally taking traffic from its users. Well, it has now come to light that eHow has been using images posted by users and placing them on other articles. I was skeptical until I googled my own images that I had posted on my articles. Yep. eHow used my images to redirect traffic to articles they own. This includes illustrations that I have done for some of my how-to articles. Here’s an example of what I found: I image googled the title of one of […]

eHow is Using Copyrighted Images? Hmmm…

eHow, and its owner’s, Demand Studios, has been touted as the new wave in web content and as a huge money maker on the web. In fact, eHow has been featured in many high-profile publications such as Wired and the New York Times lately. Now, we know that Demand Studios is making a killing with the site, but what about the people writing the content? How does this residual income site work? Changes at eHow As of late, eHow has been going through a “clean-up” process, which eHow claims will bring a new sense of high standard and respectability to […]

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