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For many writers, you say the words “Demand Studios” and they cringe. For years, DS has been the poster child for content farms, low pay rates, poor editing and headaches. Recently, though, they gained a new editorial staff, so I decided to give them another try. I have to say, I am amazed. They are offering higher paying gigs with well-known publishers. I’ve only run into one editorial glitch, but I think it was due to a new copy editor that hasn’t fully read the article requirements. If you’ve ever written for DS you know what I’m talking about. There […]

Is Demand Studios Getting Better?

For any of you writers out there that still creates articles for Demand Studios, I have some news. Demand has changed their payment policy. Here is what they posted in the forums: Hello everyone, As you already know, Demand Media Studios has been expanding to include writers, editors and translators in Latin America for the growing eHow Espanol site. As the Studio community grows to include additional roles in new parts of the world, we have needed to review and update our current practices to best support our international community. As such, starting June 5 we are making a change […]

Demand Studios Changes Payment Policy

Now that Demand Studio’s available titles are down to almost 7,000, I thought I’d share with you a few tips that I use to keep my Work Desk full: Type keywords in the search box that relates to any type of knowledge you may have. For example, if you like to write about sports don’t type in the obvious keywords like baseball, football and soccer. Instead, type in kick, pitch, ball, cleats, etc.  Be willing to write about things you don’t know much about. The key to writing a good article without a lot of research is to choose titles that are relativity simple. I […]

How to Find Titles at Demand Studios

If you haven’t checked into your DMS account lately, maybe you should. From what I understand, Demand Media Studios just cut a huge number of writers from their system and put many of them on probation in the Writer Development Program. I myself hardly ever go into the forums because it’s usually a lot of complaining about copy editors. My account is fine, too, so I didn’t know there was anything wrong. Today I had heard a rumor, though, that something big was going down so I checked in. Writers are in a tizzy to say the least. From what I gather, […]

Demand Media Studios Cuts Writers

Though I don’t promote using Demand Media Studios (also known as Demand Studios and DS) as a full-time gig, it is great for when your freelance assignments are at a trickle. That’s what I’ve been using it for over the past few years. The trick to making decent DS income is to find titles quickly and write them quickly. Here are some of my tips: Make use of the “Save Searches” function. Choose what format you like and the rate, then use a certain keyword to find titles and save it. You can save up to 20 searches. This saves time because […]

Tricks for Making More Money With Demand Studios

Let’s say you have several clients. That means you have several projects that need to be done at a certain time. So, when do you do what? I have a method I like for sorting out my writing schedule.  Do I need money right away? If so, I choose to power through assignments that pay me sooner. The ones that pay me on publication or next month are put on the back burner. If fast cash isn’t an issue, I go by my pay-per-day guideline. Each month I decide how much money I need to make, then I divide that number by […]

When to Do Freelance Assignments

If you used to be a writer for eHow’s WCP (Writer’s Compensation Program) you may want to check your articles. eHow is going through a site-wide sweep, deleting articles right and left. Recently, I had 20 articles deleted. There was no email to tell me that the articles were deleted and many writers on the eHow forum are reporting the same. Apparently, articles are being deleted because they have similar titles to articles that Demand Studios owns. At least, that’s what writers are saying over at the forums. I tend to agree, because none of my articles fit the criteria […]

eHow WCP Alert

So, last week I was over at Demand Studios website wading through the overwhelming pile of crap titles because work’s a little slow this month. I lucked out and filled my queue with articles on art. My favorite subject. Days past and the titles lingered. One by one I set them free, back into the green and murky pool of the title list. In the end I didn’t write a single article for Demand. Why? Because Demand Studio scares me. There. I said it. The very thought of having to deal with the copy editors gives me hives. Sure, most […]

Demand Studios Scares Me

Have you noticed a negative amount in your account balance at Demand Media? Many writers are. Why? Now Demand Media Studios is charging writers if their revenue share articles don’t make enough. This is a statement made by Josh the Comunity Moderator over at DMS (the bolding is mine): “During January of each calendar year, and provided that your account has been in existence and in good standing for at least the prior six (6) months, Demand Studios will automatically distribute any earnings reflected in your account at the end of the prior calendar year that are more than $1 […]

Demand Media Studios Now Charges for Revenue Share

If you are looking for some upfront freelance gigs that pays a decent per-hour rate, then you may want to apply at Here is what their website says about pay: “Our compensation is based on how many projects you take. A normal copywriter can earn up to $20.00 – $25.00 per hour by taking basic writing projects. We have 10 levels of writers in our system, where Level 10 copywriters can earn as much as $0.30 cents per word based on experience and time spent copywriting for us.” Not bad considering that many sites like this one pay $3-$15 […] is Hiring

© Cartoon by Alina Bradford When you work as a freelance writer you’re going to have times when there’s more work than you can handle, and other times when you have nothing to do. Even if there’s no client work, you can still find plenty to do to earn money for the day. Write a post for your personal blog Come up with an article pitch for a print magazine Write for a mill like Demand Media Studios or Break Studios Write a residual income article for sites like Suite 101 or Like My 5 Bid on some work at […]

Lack of Freelance Work: What to Do When You Have Nothing to Do

I was just over reading Felicia A. Williams’ blog and her post about a scathing email she received from a reader. In the email the lady berated her for ever working at Demand Studios. Apparently this lady believes that working for DS and other sites drives down the rate for more “professional writers.” I’ve gotten emails like this and have heard this complaint far and wide by “journalists.” I’m not buying it. That’s like saying if you work for McDonald’s you’re driving down the earnings of a fancy restaurant down the street. Umm. No. McDonald’s serves to a different clientele […]

Why Content Writing Isn’t Stealing Pay from “Journalists”

A Photo From My Trip to Colorado August was a pretty good month for earnings considering I went on vacation and missed working half the month. I probably didn’t work more than 15-20 hours. That’s why I love residual earning from articles. They keep earning even when I’m living it up in another state. Here’s my break-down: Demand Media $15.00 Suite $195.74 Guru Client $225.00 Demand Media $45.00 MyLikes $2.79 Demand Media $45 eHow $89.42 Private Client $725 Total: $1,342.95 As you can see, I wrote a bunch of quick little articles for Demand when I had time for […]

Summary of Earnings for August

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So if you’ve been following my posts for the past couple of days, Demand Studios on the Way Out? and  More on Demand Studio’s Finances, you probably saw that I talked about my thread  over at the DS forums being closed. I got an IM from someone at DS saying that they must delete any posts about them going public according to SEC rules. So if the SEC says that DS can’t talk about their IPO the writers on the forums can’t either? I’m not sure that jives. What do you think?

Another Update on Demand Studios

Yesterday I wrote about how Demand Media is hemorrhaging money. For those of you that want to read more about the situation, here is another informative article I found over at All Things Digital. I also went onto the DS forums to see what people where saying about the situation. One brave DS writer posted links to some articles and he was instantly branded a “fear monger” and a pot stirrer. Most of the writers have decided that all media outlets are jealous of Demand Media’s success and is making up lies to make the company look bad. Do what now? You know, I’ve […]

More on Demand Studios Finances

I read something shocking today about the owner of Demand Studios. Most of us have heard that DS is the leader of internet content and that instantly produces visions of $$$. But, according to CNN Money’s article Unprofitalble Demand Media Files for IPO, they have never made a profit. In fact, here are the exact stats from the article: “Demand Media lost $22 million last year, and in the first six months of this year, it posted a $6 million loss on sales of $114 million. As of June 30, the company had a remaining cash supply of $34 million. […]

Demand Studios on the Way Out?

I recently saw an ad for Emerging Cast, a site much like Demand Studios, so I decided to check it out. The site has a list of article to choose from, just like DS, but here’s the kicker: They pay around $2 per article and you don’t get paid until you’ve passed a $50 threshold if you want to be paid by PayPal. If you want to be paid by check there is a $500 threshold and a $30 administration fee. Yah, don’t think I’ll be doing any articles for Emerging Cast. If you try this freelance job let me […]

Freelance Jobs: What is Emerging Cast?

The other day on a forum I frequent, a new writer asked how many articles she had to write a day to make a living as a freelance writer. Most of us seasoned vets answered, “It depends.” First, you have to decide how much money you need to make a day to live comfortably. I have decided that I need to make around $75 a day to meet my financial needs. How many articles I do depends on my client. I have one client that pays $100 per article. One article and I’m good for the day’s goal. If I’m […]

How to Make a Living as a Freelance Writer

On some forums the other day there was a broo-haha about it being impossible to make money by writing for Demand Studios. Since DS is one of my go-to sites in-between bigger jobs, of course I disagreed. I was told that my posts helped several new writers, so I’ll post them here. On using your real name instead of a pen name: I have been with DS since 2007 and my name has been on all of my articles. I have yet to see an article where your byline isn’t used. I use my real name because I often get […]

Writing for Demand Studios

I just received an email from a new Demand Studios writer. Since I have been with DS since 2007, she wanted some tips from me on how to make it as a writer there. Here’s what I told her: Read all of the information that is in the resources area of the site. Check the forums regularly for new information. To get higher paying article, keep an eye on the special assignment part of the forum  Make sure not to get a whole lot of rejections. They say that a 4% rejection rate is bad and the writer will be […]

How to Make Money with Demand Studios

So, many of you may remember that eHow was in hot water last year for stealing unintentionally taking traffic from its users. Well, it has now come to light that eHow has been using images posted by users and placing them on other articles. I was skeptical until I googled my own images that I had posted on my articles. Yep. eHow used my images to redirect traffic to articles they own. This includes illustrations that I have done for some of my how-to articles. Here’s an example of what I found: I image googled the title of one of […]

eHow is Using Copyrighted Images? Hmmm…

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For those of you that are looking for an alternative to Demand Studios for a freelance writing job, I present Break Studios. Break Studios is exactly like Demand Studios, except the articles a shorter (250 word minimum) and are $8 each. The Upside to Break Studios Each of the $8 articles are super easy to write and the titles are easy to understand. You don’t have to provide a photo, either. The Downside to Break Studios If you think Demand Studios has silly rules, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Break Studios requires: The first sentence of bulleted items must be […]

Freelance Writing Work at Break Studios

eHow, and its owner’s, Demand Studios, has been touted as the new wave in web content and as a huge money maker on the web. In fact, eHow has been featured in many high-profile publications such as Wired and the New York Times lately. Now, we know that Demand Studios is making a killing with the site, but what about the people writing the content? How does this residual income site work? Changes at eHow As of late, eHow has been going through a “clean-up” process, which eHow claims will bring a new sense of high standard and respectability to […]

Make Money on the Web with eHow