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Cook Source Magazine is still trying to get away with plagiarizing articles. It has switched to a new Facebook page, hoping that advertisers and new readers won’t see all of the bad publicity on the old page. It still denies that it has really done anything wrong, even though writers all over the web have uncovered numerous plagiarized articles. Here is the new Cook Source Magazine Facebook page if you would like to leave a comment. ETA Another Update: Cooks Source has finally apologized, but in a way that once again blames it all on the writer. Apparently the writer […]

Cooks Source Magazine Update

I often post reviews of publishers for my freelance writer friends reading this blog, so it may not come as a surprise to you that I have to pipe up about Cooks Source Magazine. This magazine regularly steals content from other websites and publishes in its online or print editions. According to one freelance writer, Cooks Source Magazine ripped off her article, and then when she complained about it the editor told her that the magazine should be paid for editing the article. DO WHAT? That’s some steel balls right there. If you visit the Cooks Source Magazine Facebook page […]

Stay Clear of Cooks Source Magazine