I’ve been really busy with clients lately. I love helping clients, but nothing gets me more steamed than potential clients wasting my time. This week I dealt with the all time, number one time waster. First, he refused to look at my site to see what type of services I offer and wanted me to type it all out in an IM for him. Then, he told me that he had a budget of around $3,000. When I quoted him a price of $1,000 for my services, he changed his mind and told me that his budget was actually $400, but […]

Crappy Potential Freelance Clients

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Facepalm! What is wrong with people? One of my new clients recently used “ugh” and “this is really terrible” when sending back three articles for edits. Now, usually, this unprofessional attitude wouldn’t bother me. I would make the edits, collect my money and be on my way. Not with this guy, though. This guy told me to make edits that didn’t even make sense. He said that even though my grammar was correct he still hated my sentences. He didn’t like that I used the word “people.” It went on and on. Then, at the end of the tirade on […]

How to Deal With Rude Clients Without Ruining Your Week

Lately I have been writing a lot for Demand Media Studios. Here’s why: They pay twice a week I can make $30 an hour or more The articles can be written using very little brain power I can do $100 worth of work in a few hours and spend the rest of the day working on my ebook, blogs or websites There have been rumors swirling, though, that DMS is having financial trouble and won’t be able to last much longer. So, after tapering off for a few weeks, I’m back to the client hunt so I can keep more eggs […]

How to Replace Demand Media Studios?

Let’s say you have several clients. That means you have several projects that need to be done at a certain time. So, when do you do what? I have a method I like for sorting out my writing schedule.  Do I need money right away? If so, I choose to power through assignments that pay me sooner. The ones that pay me on publication or next month are put on the back burner. If fast cash isn’t an issue, I go by my pay-per-day guideline. Each month I decide how much money I need to make, then I divide that number by […]

When to Do Freelance Assignments