how to make art with grout

Super Cool DIY Wall Art Using Grout

how to make art with groutAfter redoing my kitchen’s backsplash, I had a lot of grout left over. I ended up using it to make some wall art for my bathroom as part of my bathroom makeover. Here’s how I did it:
    1. First, I taped a piece of cardboard to the back of a picture frame using Frog Tape. Masking tape would work, too. I picked an old, weathered frame for my wall art.
    2. Next, I flipped the frame over and filled it with grout using a putty knife.
    3. Make sure to get the grout right up to the edge of the frame.
    4. This is what it looks like after you finish with the grout. You can smooth it out, but I thought the ripples were interesting.
    5. Then, I pressed shells, beads and plastic grape bunches into the still wet grout. You can use whatever your mind comes up with. Old keys, gears, broken toys, sea glass or soda can tabs are some other things you can use.
    6. Let the grout dry over night and then you can hang your new wall art anywhere.

I’ve had mine hanging up on the wall for over a year and it still looks great.



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