Suite 101 Stats for September

There’s been a lot of talk that Suite 101 has hit bottom and is never coming back. For a while I believed it, but I was still making some money there so I didn’t leave.
It’s lucky that I didn’t. My money has bounced back and is almost back to pre-Panda levels. I’m pretty excited since that is a big bunch of moola. Here are my stats:

Before Panda 2200 PVs per week
Currently 2100 PVs per week
My earnings have been going up by 10-50% each month
By this time next month my earnings should be back to pre-Panda levels
I have only posted 4 articles since Panda hit
314 articles in all

Update: I have almost doubled last months earnings and I haven’t written a thing. This is turning out to be a great month for my Suite 101 earnings.

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