Suite 101 Is In An Upswing

I haven’t written about Suite 101 in a long time. Since the Google Panda down-turn, I haven’t given the site much of my time and have focused on other freelance writing pursuits, instead. Lately, though, my Suite earnings have been going up. Last month my earning were up by $10 and it looks like this month will almost double my January earnings. Other writers are finding that they are getting more readers and earnings, as well.
So what has Suite been doing to earn an up-tick? Well, I know that they cleared out a lot of the garbage articles they had on the site. That was sure to help. They’ve also started a collections feature where writers can put articles into groups. Some writers say that making collections is helping out their earnings, though I haven’t tried it yet.
Hopefully this momentum will continue. I would really love for my earnings to go back to where they were. They were paying my car payment back in 2010 and then some.


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