Suite 101 Back in Action?

Way back in early 2010, Suite 101 was hit with the Google Panda smack down. Many writers lost vast amounts of income through the site. Since then, the site has been revamped and many writers are wondering if they should give it a try.

During my six years with Suite, I amassed 314 articles, mostly about fine art, and thousands of dollars worth of income. The last time I checked, my income from the residual income site was around $10,000. That means that I’ve earned around $31 for each article on the site. Most of the articles took me around 30 minutes to write, so not too bad a payment. (Not to mention I’ve received tons of job offers due to my writing on Suite.) Since Panda hit, I’ve been getting a payment of $50 to $80 per month. I haven’t written an article for Suite 101 since June of 2011, meaning those payments are purely residual.

After a lot of thinking, I decided to give the new site try.

Instead of paying using page views or ad clicks, like they used to, they are now paying using an activity score. The higher you score, the more you get paid. My score, without doing anything, is 46 out of a score of 100. Many people who have actively written for Suite for the past year have a score of zero, so how these scores are collected is a mystery.

Any articles you write on Suite, or have already written, can be gathered into what are called “Channels.” These channels are basically groups of articles of a particular subject. Visitors can comment on the channels and you can ask other writers to add their articles to your channel. Here is an example of a channel by Bonnye Good.

From what I understand, each channel must be approved by an editor before it goes live. I created one and it is listed as New/Unpublished. The process for making a channel is easy. All you do is decide what you channel topic will be, create a description for it and then go through your list of articles and click on the ones you would like to add to the channel. Creating my channel took about 10 minutes.

So far so good. I’ll keep you updated on changes and earnings to come!

Have you tried the new Suite or do you have any questions?


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