Stay Clear of Cooks Source Magazine

I often post reviews of publishers for my freelance writer friends reading this blog, so it may not come as a surprise to you that I have to pipe up about Cooks Source Magazine. This magazine regularly steals content from other websites and publishes in its online or print editions. According to one freelance writer, Cooks Source Magazine ripped off her article, and then when she complained about it the editor told her that the magazine should be paid for editing the article. DO WHAT? That’s some steel balls right there.
If you visit the Cooks Source Magazine Facebook page you will find and endless mob of angry writers leaving comments on the wall. Feel free to join in after you read the blog from my first link above. We writers need to drive “publishers” like this out of business.
ETA: The Washington Post has now written about this, as well.  It has become a firestorm!

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