Saving with Buy 10 Sales

Yesterday, I saved 33% off my grocery bill by combining coupons and buy 10 sales. Our local Krogers was have a huge 10 Mega Event sale where you saved an automatic $5 extra when you bought 10 products with your store card.
This is a great time to use those coupons that require you to buy more than one product. For example, Kleenex was one of the items on sale. After the automatic $5 was taken off, each box of tissue was $.99. I had two Kleenex coupons that required you to buy three boxes to get $.50 off. So, if I used both coupons, one of the boxes of  tissue was free. It was great timing because I could stock up for my kid’s back-to-school list and seasonal allergies.
Another fantastic deal I found was on Lipton Green Tea. If you bought two 12 packs with your store card, the store automatically took off $2, making the price $3.99. I had a coupon that took another $2 off. That made the final price $1.99. For the price of 2 bottled teas, I got 24 bottles.

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