Save Money on Gas and More at Kroger

My Kroger grocery store just added a gas station a while back and I love it. Why? for every $1 I spend on groceries I get a gas savings point. When I accumulate 100 points I get 3 cents per gallon off my next fillup at the Kroger gas station if I use my Kroger Plus Shoppers Card.

Besides that, Kroger doubles coupons and their website provides over $200 worth of printable coupons. Their website also tracks the savings that you got with your shopper card, keeps track of your fuel points, sends you coupons and sale items to your email inbox and even downloads coupons to your shopper card so that you don’t have to clip them and carry them with you to the store.

My favorite thing about this store is that they have clearance items every week. I load my buggy with meats, fruits, salad mixes, breads and more. All of these items are at majorly reduced prices and it is all still good to eat as long as you eat it or freeze it within the next few days.

Can you tell I love Kroger? Do you have a favorite grocery store for saving money? Let me know!

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