Rock Your Wardrobe No Matter the Month!


My daughter proves that you can mix and match and be 100% stylish. This is a vintage hat from the 70s!

I used to be a seasonal clothes shopper. Every time a new season came around I would head to the department store and buy what I would need to fit the forthcoming temperature. Little did I realize that you can make most clothing overlap into another season without looking silly or being uncomfortable. It really saves money on clothing!

Take a Look at What You Got

First, you need to take stock in what you already have in your closet. More than likely you have an assortment of t-shirts, tanktops, sleeveless shirts, sweaters, etc. Put each item in what you think is the season you need to wear them. Now, take a closer look. The key is to realize that all your items can be layer and mixed and matched into dozens of new outfits. Nothing is off limits.

Tanktops= All Year Staple

For example, tanktops are one of the most versatile item you can have in your closet. Obviously, you can wear it alone during the summer months, but have you ever thought of throwing a jacket over it in autumn or a button-up sweater in winter? Those bright summer colors just might be a welcome pick-me-up peeking out from under a white shirt when it’s dreary outside.

White Shirts Are EVERYTHING

Speaking of a white shirt, have you ever thought about how many ways you can wear one? It can be worn under a suit, left

Yup, that’s me rocking my white tee!

unbuttoned with a colorful tee, under a sleeveless top or sweater vest, with the sleeves rolled up and the tails tied at you waist…You can also wear it under a sleeveless dress you wear during the summer, during the winter. Don’t forget that it looks fantastic paired with a jean or leather jacket for cool month like autumn and spring. It can look incredibly sexy when paired with a silk camisole or completely casual used as a jacket over a shirt dress.

Knit Tops are the Tops

Instead of wearing a bulky sweater when it’s really cold outside, why not layer two knit tops that are in coordinating colors? Or turtlenecks? Or a white tee over a black long sleeved tee? This look has been “in” for the past few years with the younger set. You can wear sleeveless tops the same way.

Short and Sweet

I bet you think shorts are strictly summer wear, right? Not so! You can wear light cotton shorts underneath skirts and dresses instead of a half-slip. My grandmother has been doing this for years. She finds that they stay in place better than their silky counterparts. Plus, they will keep your legs warmer in the still cool spring months.

Here’s my ever-stylish daughter sporting a hat, bathing suit anCapris can still be worn during cool weather, too. Just pair them with knee-high boots and no one will know the difference.

Here’s my ever-stylish daughter sporting a hat, bathing suit and skirt.

Your favorite bathing suit cover-up wrap can make a beautiful skirt or shawl for spring picnics. Even your bathing suit can be used as a pretty top underneath a jacket.

Never again give your clothes labels such as “for winter” or “for summer.” Wear them all year long and get every penny you can out of them. Saving money on clothing is just that simple!


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