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Some of my fellow Suite 101 writers are confused about the new publishing process, so I agreed to write a post on it, complete with pictures. Here’s what the publishing dashboard looks like:

Like with WordPress or other blogging platforms, you type in your title, an intro and your article body into the spaces given. You add images by pressing the little button that looks like mountains.

This is a big upgrade from the old photo system, which wouldn’t let you put the photos anywhere but at the top and bottom of the article. This new process lets you put them where ever you click your mouse in the article body. Plus, you can add captions and credits easily. I found that the uploading process was quick and easy. The photo will save in your online files on the site, too, so you can retrieve it later for another article.
The problem is that you can’t cancel a photo upload until after you fill out all of the mandatory name and caption slots with information.

Once you have your article ready, you can add it to channels you’ve already created using the option on the left side of the screen.

This area also shows you your article status and it gives you an area to leave notes for your editor.

After you are done, you can mark the article for copy editing and save it. When your article is posted, people can comment on it or follow you by pressing the Follow button.

That’s all there is to publishing on Suite 101. Let me know if you have any questions!

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2 thoughts on “Publishing Articles on the New Suite 101

  • Alina Post author

    Hi Damien,
    The key to getting accepted with Suite is to have an example of your writing that shows you are interested in a subject and can write at length about it. From what I understand, they are allowing anyone who can write readable articles publish on the new site.

  • Damien Richard

    Hi Alina,

    I've been watching suite101 since Panda and was always interested in them. I however, never written for suite as I was busy with other sites and clients. I am really interested in getting in on the ground floor of their new platform and I'm wondering how to go about it. I've signed up for the waiting list and I'm going to contact them on Twitter but I'm wondering if you might have any other suggestions. Any insight would be appreciated 🙂