The Perfect #Sidehustle For Budding Writers

When you are still just a budding writer, you won’t be able to make a whole load of money right away. That’s because you won’t have a good enough reputation and portfolio to get all the top-paying gigs, yet. So, find a great #sidehustle that you can do alongside all your writing. How about one of these for starters?

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An eBay Hustler

Got a closet full of old junk and old stuff? Well, don’t forget that one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. There is no better place to test out this theory than on eBay and other auction websites.

You can list things like clothes that are too small for you, books that you don’t read anymore, and old trinkets and souvenirs that are taking up way too much space in your flat. Just list them on eBay and wait for all the bids to start coming in from other users!

Pro tip: Create mystery auctions and sell grabbag boxes full of items that have a similar theme. People love the mystery, amazingly enough.


Rent Out Your Spare Room

If you have a couple of spare rooms in your home or apartment, you could always try renting them out to make a bit of extra cash using sites like Airbnb.

If you don’t currently have a full time job, you might want to turn your home into a B&B or guesthouse. Don’t worry if this doesn’t go to plan as there are now professional liquidation services to hotels by DRM that can help you make some money back if this business plan fails. To keep this #sidehustle fairly low key, you might want to stick to renting your rooms out on Airbnb.

Manage Social Media

Another great job you could focus on while you are trying hard to make a name for yourself in the world of writing is being a freelance social media manager. Most companies are interested in keeping their social media profiles current and updated regularly, and this is a job that’s very easy to outsource for them.

As long as you don’t take on too many clients, you should be able to keep the time you need to spend on these tasks to a minimum. After all, it only involves tweeting and updating Facebook statuses!

You can easily get paid $1 per post or more. I like to do packages for clients, like 30 Twitter posts and 10 Facebook posts for a set price, for example.

Tutor Your Skills

Do you have quite a specific skill set or knowledge base? If so, then you might be able to set yourself up as a tutor. Just about anyone with a degree can do it.

For instance, if you studied English at college or university, then you could offer your tutoring services to high-school students in your local area. In fact, it’s also easy to offer your tutor services to people who don’t live anywhere near you – you can always set up lessons via Skype!

There are also online tutoring service you can join up with. Just Google your niche and “online tutoring.”


As you can see then, there are lots of awesome #sidehustles that can help you make a living as you are working on your writing work. Here are 99 more side gig ideas if these don’t spark your interest. Which one do you think you will try?


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