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    Punctuation You Should Know: Apostrophes, Colons and Semicolons

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinPunctuation marks play a very important role when it comes to written language. Just like pauses and intonation on spoken language, failure to include punctuation marks can change the entire message of a sentence, which makes using proper punctuation super important for writers. Let us discuss some of the important punctuation marks that we use on a daily basis. Apostrophes Ugg. From my close observation and research, this punctuation mark ranks among the most abused in the English language. Just check posters, adverts and various ads in your neighbourhood and you will agree on the same. Even though we encounter the use of the apostrophe in our daily lives,…

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    Promotional Writing: Do’s & Don’ts

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinPromotional writing is one of the most common forms of writing, but also one of the most difficult to do well. Unlike any other kind, promotional writing has to strike a balance — you have to sell, but not too much. You have to be informative, but not to a point you render the item or service you are promoting irrelevant. Achieving this balance is undeniably challenging, and one that many writers struggle with every time they try. However, while promotional writing is tricky, it’s also undoubtedly rewarding. If you can master the art of promotional writing, you can leverage this to your benefit; you could create and monetize…

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    10 Busted Myths to Keep Writers Well This Winter

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinFreelance writers don’t get sick days and clients don’t care if you’re high on cough syrup. They just want their projects on time. That’s why it is important for writers to know how to keep themselves well this winter. There are endless winter health myths that we have heard from well intentioned grandparents and parents. They have become so ingrained in us that we take them as cold hard facts. Many of these myths have no more basis in reality than Santa Claus.  Of course, everyone wants to stay as healthy as possible during the frosty months. Here’s the facts from Board Certified NYC internist and gastroenterologist Dr. Niket Sonpal.…

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    50+ Mind-Blowing Spelling & Grammar Tricks to Improve Your Writing

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinTop-notch writing skills are a necessity to make a living as a writer, of course. The English language is tricky business, however, and remembering all the rules can be hard. Never fear! This list of 50+ easy-to-remember tricks will help you improve your spelling and grammar, giving your writing skills the polish they need. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can come back to it! Passive or Active Voice Do you have a hard time figuring out the difference between passive and active voice? Try this trick: Add the phrase “by zombies” to the end. If it still makes sense, it’s passive voice. So “She was carried…

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    20+ Free Ways to Get Photos and Multimedia Content for Blog Posts and Articles

    Share this...FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinSearch engines love when you use more than just text in your website content. Plus, media makes your content much more appealing to visitors, which is even more important. You don’t want people to come to your posts, see nothing but boring text and click away! Think creating multimedia content takes too much time? Don’t worry. There are plenty of websites out there that help you make your own GIFs, maps, charts, memes and more for free, in just a few minutes. There are also plenty of sites that let you use their multimedia content on your site. Here are 20 of my favorites: Giphy for GIFs Creative Commons for Creative Common…