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Well, Suite 101 got around to posting scores and earnings for November. My score has gone up to 48, even though I haven’t done anything, really. My channel hasn’t launched yet because I haven’t written a new article for it.
According to my stats, a score of 48 gets you an estimated $40. I have a buddy that has a score of around 100, and she will make around $100 this month. So, for each point, it looks like you earn a little less than $1. Take a look at my dashboard:

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2 thoughts on “November Suite 101 Scores and Earnings Posted

  • Alina Post author

    Hi Al,
    I'm not sure how they are doing the scoring. I've heard different things from different people and none of it makes any sense.
    I do know that most of the highest earners on Suite are jumping ship now that they see what their earnings look like.

  • Al Fetherlin

    Hello Alina,

    I have an 18, without doing anything so far, and my payout states it will be $10. Do you think, the payout is rounded to the lowest 10? As though, when you hit 50 points, you'll earn $50 and when I hit 20 points, I'll earn $20? If this is so, then your friend who has 100 points will earn no more than $100. I hope this is not the case as there are many who've worked for years to make a couple hundred at Suite and will never make more than $100 now.

    AL Fetherlin