No-Fluff Master Class

how to make more money as a writer

Do you want to advance in your freelancing career quickly? Silly question! Of course you do. That’s why I created the No-Fluff Master Class.

I’m not going to give you a long-winded explanation of why you should join my master class. If you’re here, you already know I make 6-figures as a freelance writer and I write for big companies like CBS, MSN, ADT and others. What you want to know is how I’m going to get you on my level.


Here’s what the master class offers:

  • Special secret Facebook group for like-minded writers that want to level up their careers and one-on-one help from me, 24/7.
  • A look at emails that I have personally used when applying for high-profile freelance jobs. You get to peek behind the curtain.
  • How to get multiple streams of income as a freelance writer to insure a more stable income, as well as a larger income.
  • Spreadsheets to keep track of your income.
  • Techniques for finding clients that most writers don’t share. (No BS. I’m for real.)
  • Info on what clients look for when hiring a writer and how to make you that writer.
  • Hands-on resume and cover page/email help.
  • A LinkedIn profile building class to stand out from the masses.
  • Guidance on approaching potential clients and weeding out the losers.
  • Job posts that pay $50+ per article.

Basically, I tell you everything you need to know to be me. Okay, not me. That would take DNA and some crazy science fiction crap.  I teach you what you need to know to have a badass career like mine.

Ready? Learn more here.