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PictureYou have probably seen my posts featuring free VoxBoxes I get from Influenster. Well, I just got another box! This is the J’Adore VoxBox.

Red Rose Creme Caramel

The tea in the box is fantastic! It is called Red Rose Creme Caramel. It tastes just like caramel! I didn’t think that was possible. Here is a pic of me drinking it. What do I have on my face?

Boots Botanics’ Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask

Well that came in my VoxBox, too. It is Boots Botanics’ Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask. It instantly made my skin feel cool and refreshed. I was impressed at how quickly it dried. No extra waiting, which is great for busy gals. There’s no smell or perfumes, too, which I love. My face was so soft when I washed it off! My daughter said my face felt smooth like a grape. LOL.

KISS Looks So Natural Lashes

I got KISS Looks So Natural Lashes to try for free through my VoxBox from Influenster, too. I have used fake eyelashes before and they always ended up making e look trashy. Not so with Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes. They looked like my natural lashes, only better. I liked how the glue was easy to see on the lash strip. It made it easier to apply them. I had a little trouble putting them on so they matched up with my lash line, but that is probably because I needed practice. Here are some tips to get you through the first application of fake lashes.


  • Line up the longest lashes with your own longest lashes for a more natural look.
  • Try not to get any glue on your fingers. The lashes will stick to your fingers!
  • Be gentle when you put mascara and eyeshadow on. You may just rip one off. I did.
  • You can cover any excess glue with eye liner.









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