Managing Your Search Results When Doing Research

When I’m writing articles for clients, there are times I need to look up some information and nothing burns my biscuits faster than Google tossing me crap sites. I need info quickly and don’t have time to wade through sites with questionable information. So, I have employed the use of Google’s site blocking tool to keep certain sites from reappearing in my results. If you want to do the same, you can borrow from my list of blocked sites, below. Do you have any sites to add to the list? second agoManually blocked Unblock

www.squidoo.com37 seconds agoManually blocked Unblock

hubpages.com54 seconds agoManually blocked Unblock

lifehacker.com1 minute agoManually blocked Unblock

www.wikihow.com2 minutes agoManually blocked Unblock

ask.com3 minutes agoManually blocked Unblock

ehow.com3 minutes agoManually blockedView details Unblock

www.ezdia.comJan 9, 2012Searched for sample cover letter … Unblock

www.thoughts.comJan 9, 2012Searched for sixth generation bre … Unblock

www.wordsdepot.comJan 9, 2012Searched for sixth generation bre … Unblock


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