What Makes A Website Boring?

There are millions of websites on the internet. Making a website that’s exciting and memorable isn’t easy. Terrible websites are rare. These are sites that don’t load properly or having clashing colours and fonts or simply look like they were designed in 1998 and never updated.

We all know what a bad website looks like, but what about a boring website? These are much more common and most of us don’t pick up on the traits because, well, they’re boring. Having a boring website could put off return visitors. It could make your website feel uninspired and put people off reading your content. Here are just a few traits of a boring website that you should avoid when building your site.

boring websites

Obvious template design

WordPress has made it easy for anyone to build a website for free without coding knowledge. This has caused some people to get lazy. They choose a WordPress template and don’t make any modifications to it. The result is a website that looks like a thousand others already out there.

It pays to spend some time playing around with design. Consider using a few plugins that will further make your website unique (but not too many, as this will cause your site to lag). Another option could be to simply hire a website designer to code one from scratch.

If you’re looking to stand out amongst your competitors, it could be worth looking for a specialist web design company. Such companies are able to cater to niches such as attorney web design. If there are other law firms in the area doing what you do, such a company might be able to help create a website that gives you an edge.

boring websites

Too many stock photos

Not all stock photos are boring, although many are. They’re boring because everybody uses them. These are usually royalty free images that appear at the top of the image search on Google. Try looking for photos elsewhere. Even better, pay a photographer to use unique photos that will separate your site from every other site out there.

Alternatively, no images at all

If your website is mostly text, this too could make your website look modern. A decade ago, it was alright to have websites that looked like leaflets.

Nowadays, the trend is more towards websites that look like a billboard – they’re dominated by images with a few tabs that then lead to other information. Walls of text can be off-putting, especially on company websites where people are shopping and comparing websites at a glance. These visitors don’t want to be reading through five paragraphs just to find out what your company is about.

The exception to this is blogs, which have to be text-heavy by their very design. It still makes sense to use lots of images and to possibly limit text on your homepage to previews of blog posts or titles that when clicked on reveal more.

Too much black and white

black and white images

Websites have evolved to have less gaudy colors, but some websites have taken it too far by only using black and white. This can work in some cases, but generally it takes a pop of color to add some personality.

This doesn’t need to take the form of huge red banners and different coloured text – it could simply be small details here and there. Color layering can be a nightmare to get right, so take care when placing text over brightly colored backgrounds.

Complex jargon

Unless your website is for a very niche product that only people with a certain level of know-how will buy, it’s generally a good idea to put your content in layman’s terms. Technical jargon doesn’t impress people and in most cases it sends them to sleep. Then they look for info somewhere else.

If you’re creating a website for a recruitment company, you’d be better off with a snappy description such as ‘helping to match talented people to the perfect jobs’ rather than ‘human resource sourcing and talent acquisition’.

A good test is to get your friends or family to read it and ask what they think it means – if they have no idea, you may want to simplify it. If you’re struggling to write something complex in layman’s terms (it can sometimes be considerably harder than you may initially think) you could always hire a content writer to simplify the wording for you.  


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