How to Delegate Content Creation

Make Your Site Content Better Instantly

Why You Need to Delegate Content CreationThere is one, surefire way to boost the quality of your site’s content, enabling you to draw in more visitors and sale more product.

Delegate it.

Yup, that’s right, I’m telling you to let someone else handle your content creation.

Why Delegate Content Production?

There are two reasons why you should hand the reigns of content production over to someone else. One, you don’t have time to run a business and:

  • Keep up with SEO trends
  • Research topics that will interest your customers
  • Write articles and blog posts
  • Search for visual content to go with the posts
  • Upload the posts to your site
  • Promote the posts

Two, you probably don’t have the skills to write the post in the first place. Don’t take that as an insult. Most people don’t have the skills to write a great article that is engaging and insightful while avoiding spelling and grammar errors on top of adding cutting edge SEO techniques. That takes years of learning and practice to achieve.

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Your Content Options

Okay, so you’re convinced you need to delegate your content creation to someone else, but who? How to Delegate Content CreationThere are several options:

  1. Hire an on-staff content writer. This can be really expensive since the writer will be an employee and require a certain number of hours per week of paid work time, a computer, printer, internet service, desk, etc. The upside is you will have someone creating content everyday for your site. The more you post fresh content the more search engines love you.
  2. Hire a freelance writer, like me. Freelance writers aren’t employees, so you don’t need to buy us computers, desk and the like. You simply decide how often you want new posts to appear on your site and pay the freelance writer to do it. Typically, you pay us per post, though some writers like to be paid per word or per hour. To get a really good freelancer you need to pay good rates, but we’re much more affordable than staff writers.
  3. Sign up for a content syndication service. These sites provide you with fantastic content that has already been published on big sites. The benefit of this is that you get access to amazing writers who are creating up-to-the-minute news articles and stories.

There you go. Three ways to delegate to increase the quality of your content and save you time.

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