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Fashion DIY: Make a Quick Bracelet from an Old Belt

This is one of the quickest fashion DIYs I’ve ever done. Ready? Let’s do this!

First, gather your supplies. All you need is a yarn or upholstery needle, E6000 glue, an old belt and the buckle from the belt. You can also find small buckles at the craft store.

How to make a bracelet

Next, cut a length of belt that will fit around your wrist, plus 4 inches. Fold one of the extra inches on the belt in half and poke a hole in the fold with your needle. Push this end of the belt through the buckle and poke the pointy part of the buckle though the hole you just poked.

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Then, glue the end of the belt to itself so that it wraps around the buckle. Use a binder clip or clothespin to hold this piece of the bracelet together while it dries.

making a upcycle bracelet

While that’s drying, poke a few holes in the other side of the bracelet.

poking holes in a belt



bracelet made out of a belt

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