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Make a Quick Change to Your Home Office with Wrapping Paper

You may remember my office makeover from quite awhile back. Since then, things have gotten worn and I just needed a change. I found a couple rolls of really pretty wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby and thought, “Why not?”

First, I cut pieces that would cover my two desks. The tops were worn and stained and I didn’t feel like painting them.

craft desk
My DIY desk before its makeover.

I sprayed the desks down with spray adhesive and smoothed the wrapping paper down.

craft desk makeover
So fresh and pretty after the makeover.
freelance writer office
My other desk where I do my freelance writing.

You’re probably thinking, “But that won’t be durable!” I’ve found that if you do this with a thick paper with a glossy finish, spills wipe up easily. Besides, if the paper starts looking too bad, I can just rip it off, toss it in the recycling and start over. For around $6 a roll, it’s no problem.

I then went on to freshen up my filing cabinets in the same way. I stripped off the cloth from the drawers.

how to refinish a filing cabinet
The fabric was cute, but it was starting to peel off.
Filing cabinet redo
This cabinet is ready for something new.

Then, I sprayed the drawer fronts with spray adhesive and stuck a piece of wrapping paper to them.

refinishing a filing cabinet for office
I love the contrast of the black and white print with the cheery yellow.

I trimmed each drawer with a craft knife and I was done!

finished filing cabinet makeover
Now my filing cabinets look sharp.

So much better than how these cabinets looked when I rescued them. Here’s a reminder:

rusty filing cabinet upcycle
These filing cabinets were sad looking before I gave them a new home.



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