January 2011 Freelance Writing Earnings Update

Well, January turned out to be a great month for my freelance writing business. I made just $40 shy of $2000.
This is great considering I did less than 20 hours of work in January. I’m proving just a little more every day that you don’t have to work insane hours to make cash freelance writing.
Of course this doesn’t account for time that I used for job searching and marketing, but that only figures out to an extra five to ten hours a month. So, in total, I worked around 30 hours this month. That adds up to around $67 an hour.
Let me tell you, there are very few jobs where I live that pays $67 an hour and the cost of living is low, so we’re doing pretty good.

I would like to note that I have been Demand Studios “sober” (as one former DS addict calls it) for six months. That means that I have been either making money by writing for my own blogs and websites, residual income sites or private clients for the past six months. I made a lot of money through them, but the continuous cycle of searching for titles, writing titles and searching for more titles wore me out. I feel so liberated to get off the DS treadmill.


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