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As most of you probably know, Suite 101 took a hit when Google’s Mayday  came in spring of 2010. It took a huge hit when the US Panda algorithm ( Mayday and Panda are a change in the way Google ranks articles and websites in their search results) came out. It took another huge hit when Panda went worldwide. How bad was I hit? Well, here are the facts:

I have 310 articles at Suite.
My regular number of page views before Panda was around 19,000 per week.
My page views are now around 9,000 views per week.
My highest earning month was January 2010 with $313.
Last month’s earnings were $150.

So, when I had around 200 articles I was making twice as much as I am with 310 articles. Friday I made 90 cents. I haven’t made that little in a day since my first year writing for Suite. 
What’s really scary is that without my Feature Writer bonus I would be making almost nothing at all. 
Many Suite 101 writers are reporting improved revenue after they tweak their articles. (The tweaks they’ve made are laid out in my last post, if you’re interested.)
I haven’t made any tweaks yet and I haven’t added any articles since Panda. I had decided that until Suite makes some big changes I’m in a holding pattern. I’ve got some articles planned for my section, though, so I’ll probably be adding some new material soon.

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5 thoughts on “How’s My Suite’s Earnings?

  • Alina Bradford

    It is sad. I went from $300 to $80 in March. Since my contract says that I can republish after one year, I'm creating my own niche site with my articles, My site has to rank higher than Suite at the moment. My Suite PVs couldn't get much worse.
    Thanks for the complement. 🙂

  • Deanna

    I've been with Suite about 2 years and have never been very happy with their pay as compared to other sites but held on anyway. I have only 78 articles there which used to make around $45 a month but in April didn't even make payout. Like you, I'm in a holding pattern until things get better there. I like writing for Suite but can't see the sense in it right now when sites like AC and Triond (other sites I rarely add articles to) are paying me more. Sad.

    Am enjoying reading your blog. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I have a similar tale at Suite too, and I've been halfway out the door (or more than halfway) since Panda hit. Around 370 or so articles,my rev took a giant hit from approx $700/mo to approx $250 last month. if the Suite honchos don't make BIG changes, all the good and qualified writers will leave. This will turn Suite into a site only for beginners, without expertise. I guess the HO knows this, but they should have known it before Panda. Who knows what will happen. It's really quite sad.

  • Alina Bradford

    I'm hearing that it has effected most sites, too. What's interesting is that Demand Media was unaffected by the US Panda, but was hammered by the global rollout. Hmm… I need to post some links to those articles…Let me fetch them…

  • Snakesmom

    I am hearing a lot of this same scenerio across the board on writing sites, pretty interesting as to what google is doing & scary!