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How to Take Children on Business Trips

She May Be Ready for the Trip, But Are You?

I take my children with me on most research trips for my articles. Taking your child on a business trip may sound fun, but it can be a hassle if you don’t have a plan.

First, you need to decide what you will do with your child while you are at meetings. If they are not old enough to stay at the hotel alone you will need to have some way to know they will be watched by a trusted adult. This may mean bringing your spouse or finding a drop-in daycare near your hotel.

Next, plan what activities you will do with your child and what your child will do while you are at meetings. Bring along activities, plan trips to the local attractions, and make sure to get your kid out of the hotel room to avoid boredom.

Have a talk with your child about how you expect them to behave on the trip. Make sure that they know the rules. I’m assuming that your child knows not to interrupt when grown-ups are talking, but a small reminder before an interview is always a good idea.

Here are some more quick tips for traveling with your child:
Most hotels rent video games. This can keep your child busy while you make phone calls or go through your notes.
Let your child help you plan some fun things to do on the trip. Not everything has to be all business!
Don’t leave small children alone in a hotel room. The minibar may get eaten while you’re gone. I’m joking, of course! Small children should always be under the supervision of an adult.

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