How to Quickly Weed Through Freelance Writing Job Ads

Freelance Writing Job Ads on Writerfind

When I need a new freelance gig I usually find one in a few days time. Is it because I have really low standards? No. Is it because I have super amazing credentials? Nope.
I get great new gigs quickly because I’ve gotten job hunting down to a science.
Yesterday I posted my list of job hunting sites. Today, I’m going to show you how I weed through them quickly everyday to find the real gems.
First I scan job lists for keywords that target my niches.  I only click on ads with titles that aren’t generic like, “Looking for Writer” or “Freelance Writer Needed.”
Then I click on the job link and look to see if it is an on-site job or telecommute. If it’s on-site I toss it.
I quickly look for the per word, per article or per job rate. If it’s too low I toss it.
If I haven’t tossed it yet I actually read the ad. If it asks for too much work for the fee I toss it.
If by some chance the ad makes it to step four I will actually apply for it.
In my next post I’ll write about how I apply for jobs quickly using templates.

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