How to Organize Your Freelance Writing Assignments

An Example of How I Organize My Freelance Writing Assignments

Once you get several freelance writing assignments it may be hard to juggle them all. Here is how I keep track of all of my assignments, how much I’m making from the assignment and my due dates.
On a legal-sized sheet of paper I write the total I will make this month at the top of the page. 
I write the names of all of my assignments as headings with plenty of room for writing in-between each one.
Beside each heading, I write down how much I will make from the overall assignment and the due date.
Underneath the heading I divide the project into manageable bites.
Beside each bite I write how much that bite is worth. I find out how much each one is worth by dividing my overall payment by how many bites I have.
Lastly, I decide how many bites I want to do in a day by figuring out how many I have total for all of my projects and how many days I want to work that month. For example, if I have 40 bites and I only want to work 20 days this month I would have to do two bites a day.

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