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How to Make a T-Shirt Rug

how to make a tshirt rugI hate to throw anything away, so you can imagine how happy I was when I realized that you could make yarn out of old t-shirts!
I was even happier when I realized you can crochet rugs with t-shirt yarn.
Here’s how you can do it, too! 

How to Make T-Shirt Yarn

how to cut tee shirt yarnMaking t-shirt yarn is super easy. I like to do it while I watch television at night.
1. Cut your t-shirt in a circle. Take a look at the illustration. You simply start cutting and go around and around the tee until you get to the armpits. Easy-peasy.
2. Pull the strip until it curls into itself. This will make the edges curl inward so they aren’t visible when you make your rug.
3. You can tie the ends of your strips together or your can join them using the technique in the video, below.
4. Roll the yarn into a ball.
how to make tshirt yarn
Here’s what the t-shirt yarn looks like when you’re done!

How to Crochet a T-Shirt Rug

crocheting t-shirt yarnIf you don’t know how to crochet, you can still do this. It is super easy. Take a look at these videos and just use t-shirt yarn and a large crochet hook instead of regular yarn and a small hook.
To see photos of more t-shirt rugs that I’ve made see: More Cute T-shirt Rugs.


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