cutting a tshirt

How to Cut an Awesome Web T-Shirt

cutting a tshirtFor my birthday one year, me and my husband went to a video game midnight release party for the Xbox One. I got a t-shirt as a door prize and guess what? The date, my birthday, was printed on the arm. I decided to make something special out of this tee.

Here’s how I did it:

First, I folded the t-shirt into thirds. Then, I cut 1/2 inch slits along the folds.

how to cut a tshirt
Step 1

I unfolded the shirt and stretched it to make the edges of the slits curl.

recycling a tee
Here’s what it looked like unfolded.


stretching out a shirt
Step 2

Finally, I folded the sleeves and cut them, too. Yup, that’s my birthday!

upcycle tshirt
Step 3




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