How to Apply for Freelance Writing Jobs Quickly

Okay, you’ve seen the places I look for freelance writing jobs and you’ve seen how I weed out the best paying jobs. Now I’m going to show you how I apply for the freelance jobs quickly.
The secret is that I use templates that I customize to each opening. For example, one of my niches is fitness and healthy eating. So, I wrote a cover letter that goes over all of my expertise in this area. When I apply for jobs in this niche, I just tweak the cover letter a bit and copy and paste it into an email. One out of five tries, my templates usually brings me a client.
I bet you want to see one of my templates. Here you go:

It’s as simple as that. I change out writing clips according to what type of articles or blogs the client is looking for. I also have a resume that is customized to the fitness and healthy eating niche to go with the template. This part is very important because you don’t want to send a general resume with a targeted cover letter. They just won’t mesh and your client will be confused. Or bored. Or both.
Do you use templates or other quick way to apply for freelance writing jobs? Let me know!

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